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[Ladder SoftCore] ALL WAYPOINTS Taxi / Rush hell difficulty , 5 acts with baal

57 Badrukk
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✅ Leave your character name in order details, create ladder game in lobby with password and message me in site chat game name and password, I'll join and we start :) ✅ Self-play, I don't need your account information, only nickname, play with me , so it's absolutely safe and legal. ✅ Before order, be sure that you have some free time for game (around 30 minutes), we can pause boosting if you have urgent matters in real life. ✅ I'll open for you ALL WAYPOINTS so you don't need to waste your time later for quests. ✅Wait me in the city and jump to the portal when i say "tp" in chat. If you don't know diablo 2 quest line don't worry, I'll tell you what to do, it's easy. ✅ I'll give you some equipment and potions, so that you do not accidentally die in the boss fight. ✅ You must be level 60+ for Ancients quest and Baal. You can order without 60 lvl, but I stop Taxi on Ancients quest (give you WP) check my other boosting service in D2 :