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Diablo 2 Resurrected PC SC Items Sales Promotion!!! Any items, as longas you buy form Calltoarms store, If certain amount of price is met, you will get a rune gift, It will deliver together with you bought items before. Starting from 2022.8.10, till end of this ladder. Total Price 10 USD : You'll get 1*Mal Total Price 20 USD : You'll get 1*Ist & 1*Mal Total Price 50 USD : You'll get 4*Ist & 1*Mal Total Price 100 USD : You'll get 10*Ist Total Price 200 USD : You'll get 1*Lo & 12*Ist Total Price 300 USD : You'll get 1*Ber & 6*Ist Total Price 400 USD : You'll get 1*Ber & 1*Lo & 8*Ist Total Price 500 USD : You'll get 1*Enigma runes (Jah Ith Ber) Attention: Gifts for ladder orders are ladder runes, and gifts for non ladder orders are non ladder runes, Rune gifts are fixed and you can't exchange them for something else.

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