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D4 Leveling : 1-40

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Faster and Security!!! ——Requirements : 1. Active Diablo Ⅳ account; 2. You better create the character first, then tell us which one you want to level up; 3. After the purchase, we need your login details: Account, Password, Access code, ID, Character's name; 4. Please avoid logging in during the leveling process. This may disrupt the finishing time for the order. ——Delivery (ETA) : Delivery time depends on the complexity of your order and how much it has to be done; As always, we will give our best to finish it in the shortest period of time. ——What you will get : 1. Attention : Character Leveling does't include campaign/story completion, if it is not completed on your account, please also purchase campaign progress-story mode; 2. Boosting your character to the desired level is 100% guaranteed; 3. Paragon Points unlocked. (if you choose 50-100) 4. Chances for Renown Rewards; 5. A lot of game features are unlocked during the process; 6. Battle Pass progression(Season Only); 7. Opportunities to get free Gold & other Currencies during the boost; 8. Chances to get Legendary and Unique items; 9. All the materials and valuable loot that drop during the boost will be saved on your Diablo 4 account.