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Codex Activities/Bestiary (Per Day x3 )

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Faster and Security!!! ——Requirements: 1. We'll finish your Bestiary by 3 times per day quickly and effortlessly; 2. Our professional players will kill enemies and obtain Monstrous Essence in order to fill up your Bestiary; 3. Active Diablo Immortal account; 4. After the purchase, we need your login details. ——Delivery (ETA): Delivery time depends on the complexity of your order and how much it has to be done; As always, we will give our best to finish it in the shortest period of time. ——WHAT YOU WILL GET 1. Monstrous Essence farmed in order to fill your desired amount of Bestiary pages; 2. The gold obtained during the service; 3. Crafting materials dropped during the service; 4. Battle Points and XP.