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Diablo Immortal > Bul-Kathos (K Platinum)

143 Gold4Game
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Please verify the information before purchasing: ——Requirements 1. You must have Five-Star(Random1-5 Star) or at least Two-Star(May need a lot) Legendary Gems. 2. It can be sold immediately at the marketolace (Not freezing period of 7 days). 3. And Display period will be waiting for 12 hours. 4. Depending on the selected quantity and the server, the delivery time can vary from a few hours to 2-3 days. 5. Auction Total sale price =Legendary Gem Lowest Price in auction house +15 % Auction Fee + The amount you desired. 6. You can post multiple legendary gems for sale. if you can't do it at once. 7. Attention:The value of the gem itself shall not be higher than half of the transaction amount, otherwise half shall be calculated. 8. When you're on the markplace, take a screenshot and identify the item explicitly.
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