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Path Of Exile > PC-Standard > Mirror of Kalandra ( Currency)

143 Gold4Game
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————We offer Cheap Safe and Fast-deliver product for you 1. Instant delivery after 5-30 mins. 2. Please keep Chat and Game online. 3. Please prepare some trash Rare-Yellow item to prevent empty trade for security purposes. 4. I will send a party invite ingame, trade at my or your Hideout. 5. When trade is done, you can say a word like "ty/ have a good day/ thank you", but do not method any RMT stuff in game chat. ————You better have 60+level or more than 80+level Character, no matter what Standard or League. ————Attention:IF you buy more than 200 Divine Orb, 1 Mirror, Or other valuable items. For greater security, I suggest you trade with me in the Market. ①List a rare Influenced or Synthesised item (not other uniq or garbage items!!!) on Premium Stash tab, for the amount of divines you purchased. ②Send me MESSAGE here with trade link for your item in market. ③Wait for me to send trade whisper in GAME for that item. ④Then Trade. ————Whisper Example: @【Your name】 Hi, I would like to buy your Skull Guide Thicket Bow listed for 1 chaos in Standard (stash tab "Bows"; position: left 3, top 1) 6. This is for buyer and sellers safety, If you are a new player, I suggest you leveling at least 60+level.
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