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|RSL02| - |90 LVL| - |LEGENDARY - 41| - |EPIC - 213| - |FULL MINE| - |276 GEMS| - |FULL ACCESS|

1 Gudzol
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Strength - 4,2 M Level - 90 Energy - 1841 Silver - 3.099K GEMS - 276 Legendary characters: 41 (Visix, Arbiter, Raglin, Blind Seer) Epic characters: 213 Characters with 6 stars - 58 TOO MANY 6-STARS ARTEFACTS Mine - FULL ---------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the world of "Raid: Shadow Legends"! Here in our account store you will plunge into an exciting epic fantasy universe. Collect powerful champions from around the world, develop their skills and go into battle against the dark forces that threaten the world of Telar. Together we will go through mysterious dungeons, fighting bosses and collecting loot. Implement new strategies, tips for assembling a team and improving equipment. Join me on this exciting journey full of adventure, arena and battles with other players. Subscribe so you don't miss a single battle in the world of "Raid: Shadow Legends"