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Max Total Main | 2277 Total | 270+ QP | Multiple Max Capes | Avernic | Rigour | Elite Range Void | Graceful | Rare Pets [ChicksA2210]

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Combat Level: 126 Total Level: 2277 Quest Points: 270+ Featured Quest: DS2, MM2, SotE Featured Items: Multiple Max Capes, Avernic, Rigour, Elite Void, Salve Amulet (ei), Arclight Skilling Outfits: Graceful, Angler, Prospector, Lumberjack Pets: Corp Beast, Ikkle Hydra, Kree'arra, Vorki, Baby Mole, Prince Black Dragon, Smoke Devil, Sraracha, Kraken, Rift Guardian, Giant Squirrel, Beaver, Chompy Chick If you'd like more information regarding this account, just send us a message! IMPORTANT: Please do not contact Jagex as they will disable the account due to the IP change. Free 14 Day Insurance Additional Insurance Options: 3 Month Insurance: 10% Charge Rate 6 Month Insurance: 15% Charge Rate 12 Month Insurance: 25% Charge Rate Lifetime Insurance: 40% Charge Rate Insurance Terms of Service