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RS3 Main | 2700+ Total | 140+ QP | 105 Att | 105 Str | 117 Def | 118 Range | 119 Mage | 103 Herb | 113 Inv | 94 Agil [ChicksJ2415]

114 Chicks
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Combat Level: 138 Total Level: 2706 Quest Points: 141 Achievements: 913 Featured Quests: Desert Treasure, Jack of Spades, Temple At Senntisten Featured Items: Masterwork Helm, Augmented Masterwork Platebody, Augmented Materwork Platelegs, Augmented Death Lotus Chaps, Sirenic Mask, Sirenic Hauberk, All Kiln Capes, Amulet of Souls, Split Dragontooh Necklace, Demon Horn Necklace, Lucky Chaotic Kiteshield, Skilling Outfits, Spring Cleaner 9001, Charming Imp Legendary, Boss & Skill Pets: Ellie, Rawrvek, Gordie, Crabbe, Kangali, Morty, Sparky, Newton Loyalty Points: 77K Runecoins: 116 If you'd like more information regarding this account, just send us a message! IMPORTANT: Please do not contact Jagex as they will disable the account due to the IP change. Free 14 Day Insurance Additional Insurance Options: 3 Month Insurance: 10% Charge Rate 6 Month Insurance: 15% Charge Rate 12 Month Insurance: 25% Charge Rate Lifetime Insurance: 40% Charge Rate Insurance Terms of Service