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Max Melee Main | 1950+ Total | 270+ QP | 99 Range | 89 Mage | 75 Pray | 97 Slay | 95 Agil | E Void [ChicksJ2434]

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Combat Level: 123 Total Level: 1950+ Quest Points: 270+ Featured Quests: DS2, MM2, SotE Featured Items: Elite Void, Firecape, Void, Assembler, B Gloves, D Def, Salve Amulet (ei), Rune Pouch, Slayer Helmet (i), Bonecrusher Skilling Outfits: Purple Graceful, Prospector Pets: Rock Golem, Skotos, Heron If you'd like more information regarding this account, just send us a message! IMPORTANT: Please do not contact Jagex as they will disable the account due to the IP change. Free 14 Day Insurance Additional Insurance Options: 3 Month Insurance: 10% Charge Rate 6 Month Insurance: 15% Charge Rate 12 Month Insurance: 25% Charge Rate Lifetime Insurance: 40% Charge Rate Insurance Terms of Service