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    #1949 OSRS Infernal Cape - Main / Med Verision 70 + DEF / Armadyl Crossbow
    • GameRunescape
    • ServerOSRS
    • Service TypeFire & Infernal Cape
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    12 Hour(s)
    Seller's guaranteed time of delivery
    12 Hour(s)
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    50+ ranged - 5k sweets and ava's accumulator 60+ ranged - 4k sweets and ava's accumulator 75+ ranged - 3k sweets and ava's accumulator GEAR: Head: armadyl helmet > justiciar faceguard > verac’s helm Cape: ava’s assembler > ava’s accumulator > ranged cape Amulet: occult neck Ammo: ruby dragon bolt(e) (250) Weapon: kodai wand > master wand (if master wand, 10k water runes in inventory) Body: ancestral top > ahrim’s top Shield: twisted buckler > odium ward > book of law Legs: ancestral bottom > ahrim’s skirt Hands: barrows gloves Feet: pegasian boots > god d’hide boots Ring: archers ring (i) > ring of suffering (i) INVENTORY: armadyl chestplate > karil’s top armadyl chainskirt > karil’s skirt blowpipe (5k zulrah’s scales + 1500 dragon darts) anguish neck armadyl crossbow diamond dragon bolt (e) (250) rune pouch (5k deaths, 5k bloods, 5k souls) 2x bastion potion > 2x ranging potion 1x stamina potion 7x saradomin brew 11x sanfew serum > 11x super restore

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