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EU | 19 Agents | 83 Skins | Ttl Amount Spent: $500+ | Sovereign Sword | EP 5 Act 1 Platinum 1 | Full Access - ChicksJVal68

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Level: 63 Region: EU Rank: EP 5 Act 1 Platinum 1 Skins: Classic: Glitchpop, Finesse, Goldwing, RGX 11Z Pro, Shimmer, Songsteel Shorty: Wayfinder, Genesis, Hue Shift, Monarch Frenzy: Task Force 809, Live Wire, Hydrodip, Monarch Ghost: Eclipse, Depths, Spitfire Sheriff: Sentinels of Light, .SYS, K/Tac, Lightwave, Schema Stinger: Shimmer, .SYS, Depths, Schema Spectre: Task Force 809, Velocity, Prime, Aero, Hue Shift, Recon, RGX 11Z Pro Bucky: Monarch, .SYS, Genesis, Lightwave Judge: Shimmer, Coalition: Cobra, Goldwing, Hydrodip, Jigsaw Bulldog: Velocity, Shimmer, Depths, Genesis, Hue Shift, K/Tac Guardian: Oni, Aero, Hydrodip, Songsteel, Spitfire Phantom: Task Force 809, Velocity, Ion, Hue Shift, Lightwave, Protocol 781-A, RGX 11Z Pro, Ruination Vandal: Reaver, .SYS, Ego, Glitchpop, K/Tac Marshal: Task Force 809, Coalition: Cobra Operator: RGX 11Z Pro, Genesis, Spitfire Ares: Spitfire, Goldwing, Jigsaw Odin: Schema, Coalition: Cobra, Lightwave Melee: Prime//2.0 Karambit, Recon Balisong, RGX 11Z Pro, Task Force 809, Sovereign Sword, Blade of Serket Buddies: Sprays: IMPORTANT: Please do not contact Riot Games as they will disable the account due to the IP change. Free 14 Day Insurance Additional Insurance Options: 6 Month Insurance: 15% Charge Rate 12 Month Insurance: 25% Charge Rate Lifetime Insurance: 40% Charge Rate Insurance Terms of Service