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EU | Unranked | 19 Agents | 96 Skins | Total Amount Spent: €470+ | 6x Knives | Full Access - ChicksAVAL55541

113 Chicks
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Level: 107 Region: EU Rank: Unranked Skins: Aero Frenzy Aero Guardian Aero Phantom Aero Spectre Aerosol Bucky Aerosol Operator Aerosol Shorty Artisan Bucky Artisan Foil Artisan Ghost Artisan Marshal Artisan Phantom Depths Bulldog Depths Ghost Depths Stinger Depths Vandal Elderflame Vandal Final Chamber Classic Finesse Classic Forsaken Vandal Genesis Arc Genesis Bucky Genesis Bulldog Genesis Operator Genesis Shorty Glitchpop Axe Glitchpop Vandal Goldwing Ares Goldwing Classic Goldwing Ghost Goldwing Judge Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic Infantry Ghost Infinity Bulldog Infinity Spectre Jigsaw Ares Jigsaw Ghost Jigsaw Guardian Jigsaw Judge K/TAC Blade K/TAC Bulldog K/TAC Operator K/TAC Sheriff K/TAC Vandal Lightwave Bucky Lightwave Frenzy Lightwave Odin Lightwave Phantom Lightwave Sheriff Magepunk Ares Magepunk Operator Monarch Bucky Monarch Frenzy Monarch Marshal Monarch Shorty Nitro Guardian Nitro Odin Nitro Operator Nitro Vandal Oni Phantom Origin Vandal Outpost Ares Outpost Ghost Outpost Judge Prime Classic Prime Spectre Prime Vandal Prime//2.0 Odin Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat Radiant Crisis 001 Bucky Radiant Crisis 001 Classic Radiant Crisis 001 Phantom Radiant Crisis 001 Spectre Ruination Phantom Silvanus Operator Songsteel Songsteel Classic Songsteel Guardian Songsteel Marshal Spectrum Phantom Varnish Stinger Vendetta Ghost Buddies: Sprays: IMPORTANT: Please do not contact Riot Games as they will disable the account due to the IP change. Free 14 Day Insurance Additional Insurance Options: 3 Month Insurance: 10% Charge Rate 6 Month Insurance: 15% Charge Rate 12 Month Insurance: 25% Charge Rate Lifetime Insurance: 40% Charge Rate Insurance Terms of Service