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Affiliate Program Brief Introduction

Our Affiliate Program supports all games players firstly. Through registering our Affiliate account on our website, you will get an an exclusive link, which can be used to put into your own social media such as Facebook, twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Forum even Blog. Every transaction will be tracked and we will pay you real money as a commission for all completed transactions which referred by you. Join our Affiliate Program to get make money opportunity!


How to Promote Us through YouTube or Twitch as a Streamer?

If you are a Streamer in YouTube or Twitch or other Stream channels, you just need to copy your exclusive link after registering the Affiliate account, then paste that link into your videos description to let viewers know that buy games currency or items or Power leveling or accounts can go to our website. You can track all the sales your promo link brings us in the Affiliate program at any time.

  • Stream or Upload Video
  • Paste your Affiliate Link into Description
  • Simplely Introduce site and Guide visitors to buy
  • Get Commission for your promo orders


How to Promote Us through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or Other Social Medias?

In order to promote and advertise for our website, you should firstly register an Affiliate account on our website to get your promo link. If you are a Facebook or Instagram or Twitter Social Media account owner, you can post thread related our games products and insert your promo link in your contents and guide viewers to buy. Then you will get paid from us for the sales you promoted.

  • Do a post on your Social Media Account
  • Copy and Paste the link into your post
  • Intro to your followers to guide them to buy
  • Get Commission for your promo orders

How to Promote Us as a Blogger or a Website Owner?

If you are a Blogger or a gaming website owner, you can use our website banners to put that on your site or insert into your Blog articles, and also resgiter an Affiliate account to get your promo link which can be used to link the banner on your website or Blog or the key words in your Blog contents. Guide buyers to click the banner or key words and buy from our platform. You will receive real money according to every sale you promotion brings us.