When a sold order is in completed status (see definition below), the payment will be provided as seller credit. Seller credit can be disbursed to selected payment gateway in P2PAh. For security reasons, the processing time of the payment remittance is based on seller ranking.


Completed status:


(i) When buyer has confirmed delivery via order page (sellers are encouraged to inform buyers to confirm order once FULL delivery has been made), or


(ii) If the buyer does not confirm receipt of order 3 days after full delivery has been made


(iii) Exception applies to "Account service", whereby seller credit will only be issued after insured period, upon completion of order.




1. If buyer does not confirm after full delivery of boosting service has been made, a "Rare" ranking seller will only receive the Credit after (3 days + 2 hours).


2. If buyer does not confirm after full delivery of account service has been made, an "Epic" ranking seller who set the insurance period as 30 days will only receive the Credit after (3 days + 14 days + 30 days).






- Sellers can only withdraw payment when at least USD 11 worth of goods is sold.


- Sellers must be verified to withdraw payment.


- Actual amount received may vary after receiver payment fee is charged by payment gateway (if applicable).


- Your local banks might impose intermediary bank fees and extra charges when receiving payments from your end. Check with your respective bank on the intermediary cost before withdrawing.


- Payoneer (USD) minimum withdrawal USD 50; Payoneer (EUR) minimum withdrawal USD 60. Total amount higher than USD 1,000 requested by same account may take 3-4 working days to process.

- Once the payment for PayPal has been sent, sellers will have to contact PayPal directly if they wish to cancel the payment or make any changes.