1. Seller Ranking

Sellers will be upgraded, downgraded, or remain at the same ranking based on the monthly sales target they achieve. Seller who meets the requirement will get ranking promotion in the following month. Total sales are calculated at the end of each month to determine the seller's current standings. Sellers will not be downgraded even if they are unable to reach the sales target requirement on the 2nd month. However, sellers who fails to maintain their sales target for 2 months continuously will be downgraded.


What should buyers expect with the seller ranking icon?

A. Proven track record of prompt deliveries and excellent services

B. Successful sales transactions

C. Fast delivery and accurate item descriptions

D. Sellers are consistently monitored by P2PAH for compliance


2. Verification

Sellers are required to undergo verification process. The seal of approval will provide buyers the confidence when placing an order from you. Verified sellers will be able to request payment for sold orders and affiliate earnings, create more listings and sell high level accounts.

1. Insurance

Insurance is provided by the seller as a form of guarantee. If the game account is compromised, retrieved, banned or lost within the insured days, refund will be provided to the buyer.


2. Reputation and Statistics

3. Buyers with completed orders will be able to rate the sellers they dealt with and this gives an insight of the sellers' reputation. The seller statistics will show total and successful orders, as well as how long the seller has been selling at P2PAh.


What is P2PAh Points and how can I use it?

P2PAh Points is P2PAh loyalty scheme. P2PAh Points is given upon successful transaction made for any product listed in P2PAh Marketplace. Buyers will receive a standard amount of tokens based on the product purchased. However, it doesn't end there! The reward system is beneficial to gamers who are loyal and devoted to P2PAh. The greater the loyalty, the greater the rewards.