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[Ladder] Side Quests for one difficulty [Skill Point Quests / Skill Points]

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If you buy 1, it means you will receive service for side quests for one difficulty (whichever difficulty you want). If you buy 3, it means you will get service for all difficulties. I can do all 3 for 10$, just ask on chat. -------------------------- Offer includes following quests on all difficulties: Den of Evil (only if you are able to kill at least one monster) (+1 to Skill Tree) Radament (+1 to Skill Tree) Book Act 3 (+5 to Attributes) Izual (+2 to Skill Tree) Anya (+ to All Resistances) Shenk (Socket Quest) Values stated are per difficulty. So Izual done on all of those would grant +6 to Skill Tree etc.