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Shiny 6IV pack: Dragonite lvl55+Tyranitar lvl 55+Hydreigon lvl64+Garchomp lvl 48+Salamence lvl 50 #1#2#3#4#7

140 Hellenwong
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When i am ready ,i will tell you a YY code to search,before you are searching ,please make sure you have conntected on internet,thanks Before trading,please tell us the pokemons information to us as the below: Ball type: pokemon name: Held Item: Level: shiny: Ability: EVs: HP / Def / Atk / SpA / Spd / Spe Nature: IVs: Current Moves: - - - - Btw,If the moves or stats what you request are not legit,i will change to a random legit ones,hope you can understand,thanks