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Star Citizen > Main Server (K aUEC)

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We deliver our Star Citizen orders directly to your in-game wallet, via the in-game trading app: Mo.Trader You must have an updated copy of the latest version of the "star citizens". Make sure you have at least run the game before. Please update your game to 3.18.2 ,After updated the game, you must go into the game once.(get up from bed in game) If you reset your account you must go into game onece(get up from bed in game)after you reset your account. Note that other items can continue the Alpha development phase, even if enabled for a longer period of time, CIG still needs to obtain UEC and UEC's will at any time, depending on the scope of execution requested. Star Citizen is currently in beta, ships and currencies may be lost due to updates or resets, the seller is not responsible for the goods after delivery.
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