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  • Lost Ark: Complete Guide for Forge of Fallen Pride Abyssal Dungeon

    Have you heard the legends of the Forge of Fallen Pride Abyssal Dungeon? Known as the Lost Ark, this dungeon is one of the toughest challenges in Lost Ark. If you want to prove yourself as a true adventurer and discover its secrets, you're in for an epic journey. What Is the Forge of Fallen Pride Abyssal Dungeon?Are you looking for a challenge in Lost Ark? Look no further than the Forge of Fallen Pride Abyssal Dungeon! This perilous area is an extra-challenging dungeon; onl…

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  • Lost Ark Beginner's Guide: Why Do You Need Low-Level Alts

    During your Lost Ark adventure, you can create and manage multiple alt characters at the same time. They are a great way to enhance your gameplay experience. At the start of the legion raids, most players try to keep them alts between 1415 and 1445. These levels are quite high, and achieving them is very difficult for beginners. To achieve these levels, players need a lot of material and Lost ark gold. This is where alts kick as they help you get these items for free. This a…

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