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What am I lacking in Dark and Darker

Feb 15, 2023, 08:27:44 PST | Categories : Dark And Darker |

I don't have pals who need to play demos, so I've been going to goblin cave exclusively, due to the fact the forgotten fort simplest has trios who're bloodthirsty, and goblin caves appears to have friendlier people. I've been gambling cleric and presently have four hours played. In my experience, the sport sucks.

When I watch streamers play they appear to have manner higher success with loot and the quantity of enemies, however then I play and I get swarmed with the aid of using 2 goblin warriors, 3 goblin archers, 2 dying skulls, a dying beetle, a goblin mage, all over the first nook I spawn in. The archers right away begin centered me and I must kite the soldiers round a nook so I can kill them with out being sniper, then I can  kite the fliers for the identical reason, then run up and kill the archers, and in the end get the mage.

And in spite of everything that, there's 2 chests to loot with 7 silver cash and white boots. I spoil the three barrels that spawned and loot as many our bodies as I can earlier than the typhoon pushes me out, and perhaps I discover ONE properly item, however then I open the primary door to get out, skeleton champion, I run into typhoon to get to the second one door, skeleton champion, I run down a few stairs, stone door, GIANT FUCKING THING, who is, thankfully, ignorant of my presence.

But the simplest different door out of his room is going into the typhoon, and as formerly mentioned, there's a skeleton champion ready the manner I got here in. Now you would possibly think “nicely fortunately clerics can do +20% harm to undead, and feature 2 methods to do one hundred base magical harm to them, and produce other buffs too.”, that's what I thought.

Too horrific the usage of EVERY RESOURCE AVAILABLE TO ME nonetheless calls for me to face there and swing my mace and block his hits for some other eight minutes. Also praying this entire time that no gamers are sneaking as much as me, or any stray monsters.

Most streamers doing solo cave are definitely simply going instantly for Cave Troll that's a outstanding moneymaker due to the fact you could frequently get purple/blue loot and if it's even 1/2 of properly that's 3x greater than you could make simply casually looting.

Plus there's the loot room with the locked chest as nicely.

As on your specific spawn, I've in no way visible goblin archers, skulls, dying beetles, and a mage all withinside the identical room lol. But even in case you occur to have unfortunate spawn there's continually masses of options. Iike you could surely open the closest door and leave. Archers you could normally simply aspect step round or duck at the same time as maximum melee creeps you could simply run instantly back. Beetles I typically kite diagonally to now no longer get in melee or instantly direction of projectile. Other than that maximum of it's miles simply clearing rooms and now no longer dieing.

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