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P2PAH Review

Jun 15, 2021, 08:08:10 PST | Categories : Others |

There are numerous online marketplaces, where buying and selling game-related products takes place. However, there are only a few that are reliable and have been in business from the very start. Yes, I’m talking about P2PAH, a distinguished company that now has grown to be one of the leading eCommerce stages that deals in virtual gaming products.

Not only that, but thanks to their years of experience and learning, trading of such products has become faster, easier and enjoyable. Their primary focus is to hand out the best possible prices, along with faster delivery and safe transactions, which is a great deal nowadays as many phishing platforms try to lure in new people.


P2PAH’s Affiliate Program

At this stage, you have the option of becoming an Affiliate Member and earning 20% of its revenue share for a lifetime. All you have to do is read through their terms & agreements and create your very first Referral Link, which can be shared among your friends or other game stages to earn profit. You can also view the status of how many members you’ve brought in and how much you’ve earned throughout, which helps you keep track of your work as an Affiliate member of P2PAH.

Trading Through P2PAH

P2PAH provides a genuine platform where players can join and safely trade their good with others. What makes it different from other platforms is that it doesn’t have its own Item Farmers, Gold etc., and it sure doesn’t buy off in-game products from other players to sell it as their own. Here, you have the options to trade Game Coins, Items, and Accounts, as well as purchase services that allow you to boost your levels or help in obtaining a desirable in-game item.

One of the best features of P2PAH is ensuring safety. Users on this platform who provide services or trade items are given ‘Buyer/Seller Ranking’ badges, and it also shows how long the user has been in service through this stage. This allows you to sum out the most profitable and reliable sellers out there that are safe to deal with. Buyers and Sellers are also provided with the ‘Player Protect’ privileges that ensure the order to be safely completed.

Buying & selling online good on P2PAH requires no more than four simple steps:


1. Decide on a specific product and click on ‘Buy Now'.

2. After being redirected, select the desired quantity and the delivery method.

3. Proceeding to the checkout page, click on ‘Pay Now’.

4. That’s all! You’ll receive an order number and you’re good to go.


1. On the homepage, you’ll find an option called ‘Sell on P2PAH’. Simply click on it.

2. Select the game and service that you’re looking to sell in, and fill in all the required information regarding it. Finally, click on ‘Submit’.

3. In any case, if you’ve made a mistake in your listing, you can manage it afterwards.

4. After it’s submitted, it’ll show up on the platform, and you can deactivate or remove it whenever you feel fit.


Withdrawal is as easy as it sounds. Clicking on the option to withdraw your funds or store credit (P2PAH coins) will direct you to the ‘Request Payment’ Page, where you have to go through four simple steps:

- Here you’ll be able to view your balance, and what you have to do is click on withdraw and move directly to the second step.

- Select the account you want to withdraw the funds to; either it’s store credit or an online banking account. If it’s not already added, you can select to option to add an account.

- Select the amount that you want to withdraw from your balance.

- Confirm the withdrawal and done!

Payment Methods

As a user of P2PAH, you have the options of withdrawing through Store Credit, PayPal, Skrill, and Web Money.


It’s unbelievable how online trading platforms have risen to such a level where safety and reliability are being given such importance. So, if you’re out there and you’re looking for a genuine platform that you can fixate on, without having to hope to another, then there’s no better place than P2PAH. Join in today and choose to Buy, Sell or become an Affiliate Member.

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