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Blog > A Poisonous Odyssey: Conquering D2R Ladder with a Single Element Challenge

A Poisonous Odyssey: Conquering D2R Ladder with a Single Element Challenge

Dec 01, 2023, 10:39:09 PST | Categories : Diablo 2 Resurrected |

Diablo 2 Resurrected has captured the hearts of both nostalgic veterans and new players alike with its revamped graphics and enhanced gameplay. Among the various challenges and playstyles, one daring adventurer decided to take on an unconventional task: completing the game on the ladder using only poison damage. In this article, we'll delve into the journey of this intrepid player, exploring the strategies, setbacks, and triumphs encountered on the path to defeating the prime evils.


Choosing the Path Less Traveled

Focusing on a single skill or element is a common strategy in the world of Diablo, but limiting oneself exclusively to poison damage poses a unique set of challenges. Our protagonist chose the Druid class for this peculiar undertaking due to the early accessibility of the Poison Creeper skill, a level one skill that deals pure poison damage.

The initial hurdle, however, was the lack of poison damage at level one. Undeterred, the adventurer devised a cunning plan involving exploring the Blood Moor and opening chests repeatedly in hopes of finding a Druid Pelt with a bonus to Poison Creeper. However, even the lowest-level Druid Pelt had a minimum required level of three, presenting the first roadblock in this unconventional journey.

A stroke of luck came in the form of a Poison Shrine found in the Cold Plains. Activating the shrine surrounded the player with a poisonous cloud, swiftly dispatching enemies and allowing the protagonist to reach level two. With this achieved, the first skill point was invested in Poison Creeper, marking the commencement of the poison-only odyssey.

Navigating Act One: Challenges and Surprises

Despite Poison Creeper not being the epitome of summoning prowess, its damage output proved more than adequate against early enemies. The adventurer progressed through Act One, eventually stumbling upon a Druid Pelt with Poison Creeper in the tower. However, the real surprise came when another Druid Pelt dropped, non-ethereal and boasting a +2 bonus to Poison Creeper – a fortunate turn of events.

Act One continued smoothly, with Countess and even Griswold posing minimal challenges. The protagonist's arrival at Andariel's lair, however, raised concerns. Andariel's resistance to poison damage and the enhanced damage dealt by bosses to summons presented a formidable challenge.

Confronting Andariel: A Poisonous Duel

Approaching Andariel at level 15 with a level 17 Poison Creeper, the adventurer opted for a cautious approach. Clearing the area of additional enemies, the battle ensued. Running in strategic circles while the Poison Creeper dealt damage proved effective, resulting in Andariel's defeat on the first attempt. To the adventurer's delight, a unique Nagel ring dropped as an unexpected reward.

With Andariel vanquished, the journey continued eastward to Act Two, where the protagonist engaged in strategic power shopping to enhance magic find. Armed with upgraded gear, the poison-focused adventure pressed on, eager to overcome the forthcoming challenges.

Act Two: Power Shopping and Looming Threats

Before venturing beyond Act Two's town, the protagonist invested in significant gear upgrades, including gloves, boots, and a breastplate with ample open sockets. This pushed magic find over 100%, promising increased chances of finding valuable loot. The Poison Creeper's damage remained formidable, enabling a swift journey through the desert landscapes.

The protagonist encountered Duriel, who, despite being a fearsome foe, fell victim to the relentless poison damage. The Poison Creeper proved its worth once again, demonstrating resilience in the face of formidable opponents.

Act Three: Navigating the Jungle

Act Three, notorious for its challenging encounters, posed a unique set of hurdles for the poison-focused adventurer. Navigating the jungle involved strategic evasion of enemies and prioritizing engagements with large packs. The protagonist successfully collected the necessary quest items, including the brain, eye, and heart.

A notable occurrence transpired during a farming expedition in one of the fake tombs, where the Poison Creeper succumbed to a unique monster. However, this setback was quickly overshadowed by the discovery of a gleam scythe, offering marginal utility with its bonus to Mana.

Act Four: Nearing the End

Entering Act Four, the protagonist encountered escalating dangers in the Chaos Sanctuary. Slowing curses and an onslaught of magical projectiles challenged the established hit-and-run strategy. Despite the increased difficulty, the Poison Creeper persevered through the chaos.

With Act Four conquered, the protagonist faced Diablo, a foe with potent attacks and a bone prison spell. The battle proved challenging, leading to multiple deaths. Seeking a tactical advantage, the adventurer returned to Act One for additional preparation.

Preparing for the Final Showdown

Acknowledging the need for upgrades, the protagonist opted for defensive enhancements. A strategic shopping spree resulted in the acquisition of items that significantly boosted resistances, including the creation of the Ancient's Pledge D2R Rune Word for enhanced defense.

Returning to face Diablo once more, the protagonist showcased newfound resilience, withstood the bone prison spell, and emerged victorious after a prolonged battle. With Diablo defeated, Act Five beckoned as the protagonist embarked on the final leg of the journey.

Act Five: Climax and Victory

Entering the Battlefield of Act Five, the protagonist encountered Eldritch the Rectifier, whose demise yielded a valuable yellow wand. The adventurer made their way to the Barbarian prisoners, only to face an unexpected obstacle in the form of a seemingly impassable wall. Quick thinking and resourcefulness prevailed as a teleport staff was employed to bypass the obstruction, showcasing the player's adaptability.

As the journey neared its end, the protagonist confronted the Ancients, engaging in a meticulous battle that tested their skills and patience. Overcoming obstacles, including a nearly impassable wall and dealing with the clever tactics of the Ancients, the protagonist emerged victorious after a lengthy struggle.

The Final Confrontation: Bane of Destruction Falls

The climactic encounter with Baal awaited in the Worldstone Keep. The final battle, though prolonged, proved manageable as the Poison Creeper relentlessly withered away Baal's health. Despite facing a few setbacks, including poison immunity in the Throne Room, the protagonist employed creative tactics to circumvent challenges.

The final confrontation with Diablo 2 Resurrected's prime evils concluded as Baal succumbed to the relentless poison damage. The true hero of Sanctuary was not the player but the level 22 Poison Creeper, who played an instrumental role in the unconventional triumph.

Conclusion: A Poisonous Legacy

In the annals of Diablo 2 Resurrected, this unique journey stands as a testament to creativity, perseverance, and a willingness to defy conventions. The protagonist's commitment to mastering the art of poison damage resulted in a memorable adventure that showcased the versatility of gameplay possibilities within the game. As the world of Sanctuary celebrates its newfound peace, the Poison Creeper's legacy lives on as the unsung hero of a poison-only odyssey that captivated the hearts of players across the realm.

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