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Blog > Guide to the Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian in Diablo 4

Guide to the Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian in Diablo 4

Feb 22, 2024, 08:37:01 PST | Categories : Diablo 4 |

Greetings, fellow adventurers! Today I've got something special for all the Barbarian enthusiasts out there. After countless requests and weeks of fine-tuning, I'm thrilled to present the ultimate guide for my Hammer of the Ancients (Hoda) Charge Barbarian build in Diablo 4. This build has been obliterating everything in its path, and I can't wait to share the secrets behind its sheer destructive force.

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Setting Up Your Hoda Charge Barbarian

When you're ready to embark on the path of destruction, head straight to the Hammer of the Ancients build guide. While it provides some beginner-friendly tips, our goal is to focus on the Charge Hoda variant. There are two ways to set this up, with the top path emphasizing charge and the bottom path prioritizing Hoda. My recommendation? Go for the Hoda version. Why? Because the charge already obliterates lesser monsters and weak elites, making Hoda the optimal choice for dealing with bosses.

Key Uniques to Consider

Now, let's talk about some essential uniques that can elevate your Barbarian to new heights. The Tusk Helm, Banish Lords, and TI Balts are potent choices, but fear not if you don't have them. While the Tusk Helm offers luxury benefits, it's not mandatory. The Banish Lords enhance your Overpower skill, making your Hoda even more devastating. TI Balts keeps your primary resource up and boosts your damage. However, the guide offers alternative legendary powers to use until you acquire these uniques.

The Core of the Build

At the heart of this powerhouse build is the Power Charge skill, which summons four ancients that charge alongside you, turning you into a colossal battering ram. The key is to focus on Hoda, a quake-inducing skill that unleashes destruction in a wide radius. Obtain Hoda from the Codex of Power in the sunken ruins in Sclen, and you'll be ready to crush anything in your way.

Important Gear and Skills

Tusk Helm

While not essential, the Tusk Helm provides bonuses like berserking, granting more damage, Fury, and cooldown reduction. The CDR is crucial for achieving near-infinite cooldowns on your charge.

Banish Lords

This unique enhances your Overpower skill, amplifying your Hoda's obliteration capabilities. It's a valuable addition to your arsenal.

TI Balts

TI Balts helps maintain your primary resource and boosts your damage. While not mandatory, it can significantly enhance your Barbarian's performance.

Key Rings

Ring of the Brawler

Refunds 30% of Hoda's cost on enemy kill or boss hit, effectively providing near-infinite Fury.

Juggernaut Ring

Offers substantial armor, ensuring your Barbarian stays alive amidst the chaos.

Brawlers Ring

Causes enemies hit by your charge to explode, dealing additional damage. Perfect for turning your charge into a lethal explosive force.

Ghost Walker Ring

Facilitates movement, allowing you to traverse the battlefield with ease.

Pet Power

Leverage the power of pets to maximize your Fury generation. Use Tempest with the Swift support to gain 20 primary resources every time the skill first deals damage. This, combined with the mathematical changes in resource leveling, ensures a steady flow of Fury.

Paragon Nodes

The Marshall glyph is a game-changer, reducing the cooldown of non-shout skills by 4 seconds after casting a shout. This synergizes perfectly with your continuous charging and shouting strategy.

Berserking and Blood Rage

Berserking is a core element of this build, and the Blood Rage power is a hidden gem. Killing a bleeding enemy grants berserking for 5 seconds, providing a 25% damage boost while berserking. Stack damage while berserking on all gear for a multiplicative damage increase.

Unleashing Destruction in Action

Now that you've equipped your Barbarian with the right gear and skills, let's witness the sheer power of this Hoda Charge Barbarian in action. Remember, the charge is your primary method of annihilating enemies, and Hoda shines in dealing with bosses.

Tips for Boss Fights

When facing bosses that remain stationary, such as the Butcher or the Son of Malfus, be mindful that the charge's damage occurs at the end of its animation. Position yourself right in front or on top of the boss to ensure maximum impact.

Berserking in World Boss Battles

Berserking is not just about raw damage. The Blood Rage node provides a fantastic way to trigger berserking and grants a significant damage boost. Stack damage while berserking on all available gear for unparalleled damage potential.

Gameplay Showcase

I took my Barbarian into a level 92 Vault on Hardcore mode to showcase the true might of this build. The charge effortlessly clears through monsters, while Hoda deals with elites and bosses in no time. Even at level 100, the Fury generation remains impressive, showcasing the versatility of the build.


In conclusion, the Hoda Charge Barbarian is a force to be reckoned with in Diablo 4. The combination of charge and Hoda, coupled with carefully chosen gear and skills, makes this build a juggernaut on the battlefield. Whether you're clearing dungeons, facing world bosses, or tackling high-tier challenges, the Hoda Charge Barbarian is up to the task.

I hope this guide helps you assemble and master this formidable Barbarian build. May your Hammer of the Ancients bring destruction to all who stand in your way! Best of luck on your Diablo 4 adventures!

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