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Blog > Diablo 4 Season 4 Tier List - Best Class & Meta Builds for 1.4.0 PTR

Diablo 4 Season 4 Tier List - Best Class & Meta Builds for 1.4.0 PTR

Apr 18, 2024, 09:19:33 PST | Categories : Diablo 4 |

The anticipation surrounding Diablo 4's Season 4 is palpable, especially with the recent unveiling of the 1.4.0 PTR (Public Test Realm) update. This comprehensive patch brings forth a plethora of changes, not only to class-specific balances but also to sweeping itemization adjustments. Amidst these changes, the meta landscape of classes and builds is primed for a transformation. Let's delve into a tier list to dissect what these buffs and nerfs entail for each class and the overall gameplay experience.

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Necromancer (S Tier)


Undoubtedly, the Necromancer emerges as the frontrunner in Season 4. With substantial enhancements to pets and summons, the Necromancer class stands ready for a resurgence in popularity. The update grants minions the ability to inherit 100% of the player's stats, while various Codex Powers undergo reworks aimed at bolstering the utility and durability of the undead army. Notably, Blood Surge receives a significant boost, solidifying its position as one of the top-tier builds in the game. With these substantial buffs to pets, minions, and key abilities like Blood Surge, the Necromancer class is poised to dominate the Season 4 landscape.


Best Necromancer Build Tier List for 1.4.0 PTR:


    • Shadowblight Necro (S Tier)

    • Minion Necro (S Tier)

    • Bone Spear Necro (A Tier)

    • Blood Surge Necro (A Tier)

    • Infinimist Necro (A Tier)

    • Sever Necro (A Tier)

    • Blight (A Tier)

    • Bone Spirit (B Tier)

    • Blood Lance (C Tier)

    • Blood Surge (C Tier)

    • Corpse Explosion (C Tier)


Barbarian (S Tier)


Barbarians witness a shift away from the dominant "charge and HoTA (Hammer of the Ancients)" meta in Season 4. While HoTA receives significant nerfs, particularly to fury scaling, new avenues open with buffs to abilities like Dust Devils and the potential for Leap Quake builds. Noteworthy enhancements to Double Swing and Call of the Ancients hint at the emergence of viable pet-focused Barbarian builds. Despite the nerfs to HoTA, the Barbarian class remains a force to be reckoned with, boasting a diverse array of competitive builds.


Best Barbarian Build Tier List for 1.4.0 PTR:


    • Dust Devil Twister Barb (S Tier)

    • Thorns Barbarian (A Tier)

    • Generator Barb (A Tier)

    • HotA Barb (A Tier)

    • Rend Barb (A Tier)

    • Charge Barb (A Tier)

    • Double Swing Barb (A Tier)

    • Upheaval Barb (B Tier)

    • Deathblow Barb (B Tier)

    • Leapquake Barb (B Tier)

    • Walking Arsenal Barb (B Tier)

    • Pure Whirlwind Barb (F Tier)

    • Call of the Ancients Barb (F Tier)


Druid (A Tier)


Druids receive notable enhancements, particularly in the companion's department, which undergo substantial buffs. Adjustments to shape-shifting mechanics encourage dynamic gameplay between bear and wolf forms. Furthermore, Shout Druid and Support Druid builds gain viability thanks to new unique items and aspect changes. The reworked Clarity passive introduces the possibility of a Hurricane Druid build, promising significant damage boosts to the next Wrath skill. Though not as pronounced as the buffs received by Necromancers or Barbarians, Druids find themselves in a favorable position with potential for newfound strengths.


Best Druid Build Tier List for 1.4.0 PTR:


    • Werenado Druid (S Tier)

    • Rabies Companion Lacerate Druid (S Tier)

    • Lightning Storm Druid (A Tier)

    • Hurricane Druid (A Tier)

    • Pulverize Werebear Whirlwind Boulder Druid (A Tier)

    • Werewolf Tornado Druid (B Tier)

    • Stormclaw Druid (B Tier)

    • Shred Druid (B Tier)

    • Trampleslide Druid (C Tier)

    • Boulder Druid (C Tier)


Sorcerer (B Tier)


Sorcerers undergo intriguing adjustments in Season 4, with Frozen Orb builds receiving augmentations through new uniques and buffs. Additionally, a push towards life-based Sorcerer builds diversifies playstyles, reducing reliance on barriers for survival. Changes to Teleport hint at the potential for zero-cooldown builds, subject to PTR feedback. While Sorcerers receive promising updates, the nerfs to defensive skills and potential over-reliance on barriers may pose challenges to their overall effectiveness.


Best Sorcerer Build Tier List for 1.4.0 PTR:


    • Frozen Orb Sorc (S Tier)

    • Fire Bolt Sorc (S Tier)

    • Blizzard Sorc (A Tier)

    • Ball Lightning Sorc (A Tier)

    • Teleport Sorc (A Tier)

    • Charged Bolts Sorc (A Tier)

    • Firewall Sorc (A Tier)

    • Incinerate Sorc (B Tier)

    • Ice Shards Sorc (B Tier)

    • Conjurations Sorc (B Tier)

    • Ice Armor Sorc (B Tier)

    • Frost Nova (C Tier)


Rogue (B Tier)


Rogues receive substantial updates aimed at elevating their standing in Season 4. New tools and uniques pave the way for grenade-focused builds and more defensive playstyles. Enhancements to Rapid Fire, Barrage, and Flurry suggest a resurgence in Rogue viability. Improved Inner Sight and Preparation further augment the Rogue's versatility. While these updates hold promise for Rogue enthusiasts, their performance in Season 4 hinges on the competitive viability of these new builds within the established meta.


Best Rogue Build Tier List for 1.4.0 PTR:


    • Grenades Rapid Fire Rogue (S Tier)

    • Barrage Rogue (A Tier)

    • Twisting Blades Rogue (A Tier)

    • Arrow Storm Flurry Rogue (A Tier)

    • Pen Shot Rogue (A Tier)

    • Grenado Rogue (B Tier)

    • Death Trap Rogue (B Tier)

    • Rain of Arrows Rogue (C Tier)


It's imperative to acknowledge that tier rankings remain highly contextual and subjective, influenced by factors such as solo content viability, group utility, and performance in high-end activities like the Pit or boss encounters. As players delve into Diablo 4 Season 4, the evolving meta will undoubtedly present new challenges and opportunities, shaping the journey of every adventurer in Sanctuary.

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