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Top 3 Rogue Builds in Diablo 4 Season 4

Apr 23, 2024, 08:32:15 PST | Categories : Diablo 4 |

In the ever-evolving landscape of Diablo 4, one class stands out for its adaptability and deadly finesse: the Rogue. As Season 4 dawns upon Sanctuary, Rogue enthusiasts are greeted with a plethora of new and refined builds to explore. From the lethal Poison Twisting Blade Rogue to the elemental prowess of the Surge Rogue, and the explosive chaos of the Stun Grenade Flurry Rogue, the shadows teem with possibilities. Let's delve into the abyss and uncover the top three Rogue builds dominating Diablo 4 Season 4.

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1. Poison TB Rogue: A Symphony of Toxins


As darkness looms over Sanctuary, the Poison Twisting Blade Rogue emerges as a harbinger of death. This build embodies versatility and crowd control, boasting the capability to freeze enemies in their tracks while delivering devastating poison damage. In Season 4, the Poison TB Rogue ascends to new heights, comfortably pushing to Pit tier 200 on the PTR.




    Helm: Warlord Greathelm of Might

    Chest: Juggernaut's Adventurer's Tunic

    Gloves: Edgemaster's Warlord Gauntlets

    Pants: Umbrous Adventurer's Pants

    Amulet: Amulet of Corruption

    Boots: Penitent Greaves

    Ring: Circle of Corruption, Circle of the Expectant

    Weapons: Trickshot Revenant Bow (Left Hand), Accelerating Bone Blade, Condemnation (Right Hand)




    Basic: Puncture (Enhanced, Fundamental)

    Core: Twisting Blades (Enhanced, Improved), Sturdy

    Agility: Shadow Step (Enhanced, Disciplined), Weapon Mastery, Concussive, Trick Attacks, Rapid Gambits

    Subterfuge: Concealment (Enhanced, Subverting), Exploit, Malic

    Imbuement: Shadow Imbuement (Enhanced, Mixed), Cold Imbuement (Enhanced, Mixed), Frigid Finesse

    Ultimate: Innervation, Adrenaline Rush, Haste

    Key Passive: Close Quarters Combat


2. Surge Rogue: Unleashing Elemental Fury


In the crucible of battle, the Surge Rogue harnesses the primal forces of elemental magic to devastate foes. With lightning-fast reflexes and unparalleled precision, this build clears Pit Tier 200 in a mere two minutes. By leveraging Puncture to trigger Elemental Surge, the Surge Rogue annihilates enemies with unparalleled efficiency.




    Helm: Runic Skullcap of Might

    Chest: Umbrous Runic Mail

    Gloves: Runic Gloves of Inner Calm

    Pants: Juggernauts Runic Leggings

    Amulet: Edgemasters Chain

    Boots: Hectic Runic Cleats

    Ring: Ring of Volatile Shadows, Ring of Pestilent Points

    Weapons: Rapid Warcaster (Left Hand), Bone Blade of Elements (Right Hand)




    Basic: Puncture (Enhanced, Fundamental)

    Core: Sturdy, Siphoning Strikes

    Agility: Shadow Step (Enhanced, Disciplined), Caltrop (Enhanced, Methodical), Rugged, Dash

    Subterfuge: Smoke Grenade (Enhanced, Countering), Dark Shroud (Enhanced, Countering), Exploit, Malic

    Imbuement: Shadow Imbuement (Enhanced, Mixed), Cold Imbuement (Enhanced, Mixed), Frigid Finesse

    Ultimate: Innervation, Adrenaline Rush, Haste

    Key Passive: Close Quarters Combat


3. Stun Grenade Flurry Rogue: A Symphony of Chaos


As shadows dance across the battlefield, the Stun Grenade Flurry Rogue emerges as a beacon of chaos. With the aid of the Saboteurs Signet, this build unleashes a torrent of stun grenades, engulfing enemies in a storm of explosive fury. With an impressive area of effect and staggering damage potential, the Stun Grenade Flurry Rogue commands attention in Season 4.




    Helm: Aspect of Disobedience

    Chest: Juggernaut's Aspect

    Gloves: Aspect of Encircling Blades

    Pants: Resistant Assailant's Aspect

    Amulet: Aspect of Artful Initiative

    Boots: Frostbitten Aspect

    Ring: Aspect of Artful Initiative, Accelerating Aspect

    Weapons: Opportunist's Aspect (Left Hand), Trickster's Aspect, Aspect of Surprise (Right Hand)




    Basic: Puncture (Enhanced, Fundamental)

    Core: Flurry (Enhanced, Improved), Sturdy, Siphoning Strikes, Stutter Step

    Agility: Shadow Step (Enhanced, Disciplined), Rugged, Reactive Defense, Weapon Mastery

    Subterfuge: Concealment, Dark Shroud (Enhanced, Countering), Exploit, Malic, Agile

    Imbuement: Frigid Finesse

    Ultimate: Innervation, Second Wind, Adrenaline Rush, Haste

    Key Passive: Close Quarters Combat


In the realm of Diablo 4 Season 4, the Rogue reigns supreme, offering unparalleled versatility and lethal prowess. Whether you prefer the subtle art of poison, the elemental fury of lightning, or the chaotic explosions of stun grenades, there's a build tailored to your playstyle.


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