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Blog > Diablo 4 Season 4: Efficiently Farming Duriel Materials

Diablo 4 Season 4: Efficiently Farming Duriel Materials

May 21, 2024, 10:09:06 PST | Categories : Diablo 4 |

How to farm Duriel most efficiently, how to get the necessary materials, and the best strategies for completing Varan and Gar. So, let's dive into this topic and cover everything you need to know.


Why Farm Duriel?


First, let's discuss why you want to farm Duriel. Duriel drops the best loot in the game, including all of the Uber Uniques. It is the only source of these Uber Uniques and other valuable Diablo IV items that certain builds require. To summon Duriel, you need two shards and two of those eggs. It is preferable to do this in a four-man party to maximize your material gains through rotations, so try to find people to team up with.

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Finding a Group


Finding people to play with can be challenging since the game does not have a Looking for Group (LFG) tool yet. However, you can use the trade chat in-game, hang out in town areas, or use Discord servers dedicated to Diablo 4. These methods can help you find other players who are also farming materials.


Efficient Material Farming


Farming Varan for Eggs


To farm Varan for eggs, you need to focus on Whispers. The best types of Whispers to farm are always the seasonal Whispers. In Season 4, we have constructs and Tremors zones. These zones refresh every 1.5 hours and are extremely efficient for collecting Whisper Caches.


1. Seasonal Whispers: These are very fast and provide a high return. You can get five Grim Favors in a minute or so by doing the seasonal objectives. Additionally, you can collect obelisks and kill constructs to further increase your Grim Favors count.


2. Vaults: Vaults are another excellent source of farming materials. They are extremely efficient and provide significant loot, including Stones and glyph XP. Whenever Whispers pop up in a Vault, it is highly recommended to complete them.


Utilizing Multi-Characters


If you have multiple characters, it is beneficial to switch between them to complete Whispers efficiently. Log into your main character to do the Whispers, then switch to your alts as needed. This helps in maximizing the materials collected.


Hell Tide Whispers


Sometimes Whispers appear in Hell Tide areas. When they overlap, it's a great opportunity to complete two objectives at once. This is highly efficient and should not be missed.


World Bosses


World Bosses are another good source of materials. When they have a Whisper attached, they provide double benefits. They often have geared players who can kill the boss quickly, making it a fast and rewarding activity. World Bosses also drop materials for other objectives like Elzer mats.


PVP Whispers


PVP Whispers are rare but valuable. They pop up every three days or so and involve killing the Kazra Abomination in both PVP zones. When these Whispers appear, go with four Grim Favors already completed. Kill the Kazra Abomination to reach nine Grim Favors, turn in the quest, then move to the next PVP zone to repeat the process.


Other Efficient Whispers


Some other Whispers worth doing include:


• Dungeon Whispers: These can be efficient if they overlap with Nightmare dungeons. You can complete two objectives simultaneously, gathering Whisper completions and Nightmare dungeon benefits.

• Harvest Whispers: These are usually located in high-density areas and can be completed quickly by following a set path, making them efficient for farming Grim Favors.


Hell Tide Farming


Hell Tide farming is crucial for obtaining Living Steel, which is necessary for summoning Gar. Heres how to farm it effectively:


Living Steel Chests


Living Steel Chests are the main target in Hell Tide. Each chest provides five Living Steels, with a chance of getting ten. Aim to farm these chests quickly:


1. High-Density Areas: Focus on high-density areas for faster farming. These areas are marked on maps and typically have more enemies and events.

2. Timed Efficiency: Aim to farm a Hell Tide chest in around six minutes with a fast build. If your build is slower, ten minutes is still acceptable.

3. Movement Speed: Use movement speed-boosting aspects on your gear, such as Wind Striker on your amulet, to speed up the process.


Event Overlap


Try to combine Hell Tide farming with other objectives when possible. For example, if there are Whispers in the Hell Tide area, complete them simultaneously.


Marked Chests


Living Steel chests are now marked on the map, so you no longer need external websites to find them. Each Hell Tide zone will have at least one Living Steel chest and one mystery chest.


Summary of Efficient Farming


To summarize, here are the key points for efficient farming in Diablo 4 Season 4:


1. Prioritize Seasonal Whispers: These provide the best return and are very fast.

2. Combine Objectives: Whenever possible, combine Nightmare dungeons with Whispers, and Hell Tide with Whispers.

3. Focus on High-Value Whispers: Go for Whispers that offer three Grim Favors or are part of high-density objectives like Harvests.

4. Maximize Movement Speed: Equip movement speed-boosting aspects to farm faster.

5. Target Living Steel Chests in Hell Tide: These are essential for summoning Gar and should be your main focus during Hell Tide events.


By following these strategies, you can farm Duriel efficiently, gather the necessary materials, and maximize your loot in Diablo 4 Season 4. And buy Diablo 4 Gold here. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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