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Blog > Diablo 4 Barbarian Class Guide - Skills, Talents, and more

Diablo 4 Barbarian Class Guide - Skills, Talents, and more

Dec 09, 2022, 09:25:56 PST | Categories : Diablo 4 |

Barbarian is a mighty class in Diablo 4, but players don’t know much about it. This class guide features details about all the skills and talents of the Barbarian class. So, are you ready to enter the world of Diablo 4 characters once again?

Barbarian Talents

Here are the talents of Barbarian that you can use on the battlefield.
Battle Frenzy – Get Berserk for one second with a brawling skill. The duration of the berserk can be increased with more points.
Blood Thirst – Make enemies bleed for a period of five seconds, depending on the critical strike damage.
Booming Voice – Increase the duration of each shout by ten percent for each point.
Close Quarters Combatant – With each point, deal three percent more damage to enemies with melee weapons. For enemies who are outside the melee range, they can deal you one percent damage for every point.
Concussion – Slows all enemies down by ten percent for five seconds once they get hit by any brawling skill.
Combat Prowess – If you stun or immobilize an enemy, you can deal two percent more damage to them with each point.
Cut to the Bone – If you stun an enemy, the bleeding damage will increase by four percent for every point.
Defy Pain – After you evade, the damage will be reduced by four percent for each point.
Endless Fury – It increases the generation of fury by two percent.
Endurance – Get four life every point while you are out of the battle.
Fierce Brawler – For single-handed weapons, the attacking speed is increased by two percent. The damage by the critical strike also increases by six percent when you use a two-handed weapon.
Guttural Yell – Decrease the damage of enemies by ten percent for five seconds with your shouts.
Gushing Wounds – Increase the damage by bleeding by forty-five percent.
Martial Vigor – Increase reduction of damage by four percent.
Master of Arms – When you use a weapon mastery skill, the upcoming fury skill will deal five percent more damage, and it will be free.
Momentum – Twenty percent more chances to create a fury five.
Slam – More than a three percent chance to knock down enemies, and it increases with each point.
Slaying Strike – Increases the damage by eight percent when the life of the enemy is below thirty percent.
Swiftness – Increases the movement speed by three percent.
Thick Skin – Reduces the non-physical damage by five percent for each point.
Unbridled Rage – Deal a hundred percent more damage with fury skills.
Unstoppable Force – Get unstoppable with a berserker and deal fifteen percent more damage.
Walking Arsenal – When you use a new weapon, you can deal eight percent more damage to enemies for a course of eight seconds. The damage will increase with each passing second, and it can go up to thirty-two percent.
Quick Impulses – When you move, the damage is reduced by four percent.

Barbarian Skills

Basic attacks
Bash – Deal damage by bashing the enemy with a weapon. There is a twenty percent chance that the enemy will be stunned for half a second.
Warlord – Deal simple and bleeding damage by flaying enemies.
Frenzy – Deal damage by rapid blows while the attacking speed is increased by twenty percent with their skill.
Lunging Strike – Move ahead and deal damage by striking an enemy.
Fury attacks
Rend – Deal bleeding and simple damage to enemies by cleaving them.
Hammer of the Ancients – Use the hammer to deal damage in a specific area.
Double Swing – Deal damage by sweeping dual-wielded weapons.
Upheaval – Deal damage with debris by tearing the ground with a weapon.
Whirlwind – Deal damage by rapid attacks.
Defensive skills
Rallying Cry – Gives all teammates the unstoppable and increases the movement speed by twenty-three percent.
Ground Stomp – Stun all nearby foes by smashing on the ground.
Undying Rage – After you receive fatal damage, you can kill an enemy in five seconds to revive and get some health points.
Challenging Shout – Protect yourself from enemies for eight seconds. In the meantime, you also get five additional fury points.
Brawling skills
Kick – Knock enemies backward by kicking them and dealing damage.
War Cry – The damage of all your allies is increased by three percent for ten seconds.
Leap – Go ahead and slam on the ground to deal damage.
Charge – Push enemies ahead of you to deal damage.
Weapon Mastery skills
Primal Axe – Throw a chained weapon at enemies to deal damage.
Rupture – Deal bleeding damage for three seconds with skewing.
Death Blow – Deal damage to any enemy standing in front of you with a killing strike. If the attack is successful, the cool-down will automatically reset.
Ultimate attacks
Wrath of the Berserker – Become berserk for fifteen seconds and increase the effect by sixty-five percent by spending fury. This way, you can deal twenty-five percent more damage.
Call of the Ancients – Get help from the ancients in the battle.
Iron Maelstrom – Deal damage by whirling the weapon on a chain.

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