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Blog > Elden Ring Patch 1.12: Major Updates and Balancing Changes

Elden Ring Patch 1.12: Major Updates and Balancing Changes

Jun 22, 2024, 09:53:38 PST | Categories : Elden Ring |

Patch 1.12 for Elden Ring has finally arrived, bringing with it a slew of changes that are poised to shake up both PvE and PvP gameplay. These changes are extensive, addressing everything from new UI features to significant rebalancing of weapons and skills. Here, we'll dive into the key updates and what they mean for players as they prepare for the upcoming DLC.


New Features and Miscellaneous Changes


Before delving into the balancing changes, it's important to note some of the miscellaneous updates that will impact gameplay:


1. Recent Items Tab: A new "Recent" tab has been added to the inventory, allowing players to easily see items they've recently picked up. This is particularly useful when you grab an item in the heat of battle or exploration and miss the brief on-screen icon showing what it is.


2. Torrent in Elden Beast Battle: Players can now use Torrent during the Elden Beast boss fight. This addition will significantly change the dynamics of this encounter, as players will have greater mobility to cover the vast distances involved.


3. Auto-Replenish Crafted Consumables: Crafted consumable items used during Coliseum battles will now automatically replenish afterward. This quality-of-life change means players can use their consumables more freely without worrying about running out.

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PvP Balancing Changes


PvP in Elden Ring is seeing a notable shift with patch 1.12. Here's a breakdown of the key changes:


1. Madness and Sleep Buildup: Status effect buildup for Madness and Sleep will now be halted for a short period after being applied to a player. This prevents players from being overwhelmed by consecutive status effects in quick succession.


2. Poise Damage Adjustments: Poise damage from various weapons is being increased to ensure a more balanced PvP experience. Notably, dual-wield attacks, axes, hammers, halberds, and reapers will now deal more poise damage, making them more viable choices in PvP combat.


3. Weapon Skill Nerfs: Several weapon skills that were frequently used and abused have been nerfed. Skills like Spinning Slash, Flaming Strike, Rain of Arrows, and Transient Moonlight have had their damage reduced, while others like Lightning Storm and Ritual Spear Call have seen their poise damage decreased. These changes aim to reduce the dominance of certain builds and encourage a more diverse meta.


4. Spell Adjustments: The Beatial Sling spell's poise damage has been reduced, and Black Flame's Protection has seen a reduction in its physical block efficiency. These changes nerf some of the more powerful spells in PvP.


General Balancing Changes


The general balancing changes in patch 1.12 are extensive, affecting a wide range of weapons and builds. Some of the most notable changes include:


1. Dexterity Scaling: Dexterity scaling for weapons with corresponding ashes of war affinities has been increased. This change aims to make dexterity builds more attractive, particularly for players using one-handed weapons.


2. Weapon Speed and Damage Adjustments: The attack speed of axes, great axes, hammers, flails, and reapers has been increased. Additionally, the damage of charged attacks for axes, great axes, and some colossal weapons has been boosted. These adjustments are likely aimed at making these less commonly used weapons more viable.


3. Bow Enhancements: The speed of consecutive attacks with light bows and longbows has been increased, making bows more effective for sustained ranged combat. Furthermore, the attack power of crafted arrows, great arrows, bolts, and great bolts has been increased, likely to bring them on par with purchasable ammunition.


4. Nerfs to Powerful Spells and Talismans: Terra Magica's spell power boost and the effect duration of Cerulean Hidden Tear have been decreased. These nerfs target builds that rely heavily on these powerful boosts to dominate encounters.


Weapon and Skill Adjustments


Several specific weapons and skills have received targeted adjustments:


1. Staffs and Seals: The attribute scaling for Albinauric Staff, Gelmir Glintstone Staff, and Prince of Death's Staff has been increased. The same applies to the Golden Order Seal and Clawmark Seal, potentially making these items more attractive for certain builds.


2. Dragon Communion Seal: This seal's attribute scaling has been boosted, possibly in preparation for new dragon spells in the DLC.


3. Parry Skills: The hitbox generation speed for various parry skills, including Parry, Storm Wall, and Thops' Barrier, has been increased. Additionally, Buckler Parry now has added attack recovery time, preventing players from spamming it too easily.


4. Weapon Skill Changes: Specific weapon skills like Taker's Flames and Moonlight Greatsword have been nerfed. Taker's Flames no longer cause knockdown, and Moonlight Greatsword's poise damage has been reduced, making these skills less overwhelming in combat.


Impact on Builds


The changes in patch 1.12 are likely to have a significant impact on the meta. Many of the nerfs target popular builds, encouraging players to explore new weapons and strategies. The increase in weapon attack speeds and damage for less commonly used weapons suggests that the developers are aiming for a more balanced and diverse array of viable builds.


For players preparing for the DLC, these changes mean that new builds will likely emerge as the dominant strategies. While some old favorites may no longer be as effective, the patch paves the way for fresh experimentation and discovery.




Patch 1.12 for Elden Ring brings a host of changes that will undoubtedly shake up both PvE and PvP gameplay. With adjustments to weapon speeds, damage outputs, and the introduction of new features, players have a lot to look forward to as they prepare for the DLC. The balancing changes, particularly the nerfs to overpowered spells and skills, aim to create a more varied and balanced experience. As always, the Elden Ring community will adapt and innovate, finding new ways to conquer the challenges ahead.


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