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Every Wandering Merchant Location in Lost Ark

Aug 31, 2023, 09:01:05 PST | Categories : Lost Ark |

Do you want to find every wandering merchant in the Lost Ark game? Lucky for you, tracking down these elusive merchants is easier than it seems. Every wandering merchant is a traveling NPC (Non-player character) that can move from location to location. Their distinctive goods and services can identify them often the only source of certain recipes and materials.
Unfortunately, these merchants won't always be around - they're often one-off NPCs with limited spawn times, meaning that tracking them is essential to get your hands on hard-to-find items. To find a Merchant quickly and easily, we recommend taking the following steps:

- Follow reward notifications: Keep an eye out for rewards given after completing certain tasks in Lost Ark they will often identify Merchants' locations.
- Look at gossip boards: Gossip boards are scattered throughout Lost Ark Hubs and Campsites, containing hints or tips about Merchant locations, which you can use to track them down.
- Join a hunting party: Hunting parties are social events organized by players who share knowledge about Merchants’ whereabouts with other party members.

Location of Every Wandering Merchant in the Lost Ark Region
Wandering merchants are a great place to stock supplies while exploring the Lost Ark region. The bad news is that these merchants move around and can be hard to track down. Below is a list of every wandering merchant in Lost Ark and where you can find them:
- Yureka Island: Look for the merchant near a tree stump in the northwestern section of Yureka Island.
- Seilah Town: The merchant is located near the Abandoned Church in Seilah Town.
- Dragon Nest: This is pretty straightforward; head to Dragon Nest and look for the merchant near Prometheus' Tree of Knowledge.
- Evergreen Fields: You'll find this merchant near a large rock formation at Evergreen Fields.
- Frozen Valley: This one might be tricky; wander around Frozen Valley until you stumble upon the wandering merchant close to an altar in the valley's center.

Tips & Tricks for Locating Every Wandering Merchant Easily
Finding all the wandering merchants in Lost Ark can be a hassle, and you don't have to take that journey alone! Here are some tips and strategies for locating every wandering merchant with ease:
1.Use Maps
Using the map, you can easily spot the locations of each merchant. Every location has a distinct purple icon to signal the merchant's presence. So, follow the map to reach them!
2.Watch for Shadows
When a merchant is near your character, they appear as a purple shadow on your map. If you pan the camera around, you can spot them quickly.
3.Follow Their Trail of Goods
Each merchant carries around their wares and items with them at all times. You can easily identify when one is near because they leave behind a trail of items for you to find: red loot boxes that give off an energy signature for your character to detect.

With these tips in mind, you can make sure you don't miss out on finding any wandering merchants in Lost Ark - good luck and happy adventuring!

Best Equipment Rewards Obtainable at Each Merchant Location
The Wandering Merchants in the Lost Ark game are all over the map, and they offer some of the best equipment rewards that are obtainable in the game. Here is a list of every Wandering Merchant location and the rewards they offer:

Eastern Shore of Thousand Streams
- Bituminous Coal
- Adventurer's Deck
- Enchantment Stones
- Runes
- Deep Blue Sea
- Whole Fish
- Ancient Compendium
- Treasure Box
- Eastern Stormrock Island
- Sea-Star Pearl
- Adventurer's Helmet
- Skill Books
- Desolate Frozen Ground
- Dragon Scales
- Gasoline Crystal

Each location has additional rewards, so be sure to check them out! There's much more to explore in the Lost Ark game, so prepare for an epic adventure!

Crafting Recipes, Cooking Ingredients and Miscellaneous Items Available from Every Wandering Merchant
You may not know, but the Wandering Merchants in Lost Ark Game have a lot to offer. From crafting recipes to cooking ingredients and other miscellaneous items - it's all available for purchase. site specializes in gaming goods and offers a wide selection of Lost Ark-specific items.
So, if you need more of these items, you only need to locate a Wandering Merchant and check out their selection. Here's what you'll find:
- Crafting Recipes
If you want to craft powerful gear in Lost Ark Game, the Wandering Merchants are your go-to source for rare crafting recipes. Make sure to stock up on these whenever you can.
- Cooking Ingredients
Cooking ingredients are another great item that the Wander Merchant has in stock. Whether you want basic ingredients like Carrots or more expensive ones like Fine Goose Meat, they have everything!
- Miscellaneous Items
Last but not least, the Wandering Merchants also sell various miscellaneous items like Summon Scrolls and Mana Potions at prices that will keep your wallet.

So, there you have it - everything available from each Wandering Merchant in the Lost Ark Game. So, if you need any of these items, check them out!

So, where can you find all the wandering merchants in Lost Ark? The answer is: all over the game. Each area has at least one wandering merchant from the high seas to the mainland. The real challenge is finding them! However, with the help of this article, you should be able to find them all easily.

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