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Blog > Gold in New World: Mastering the Skinning Skill Line

Gold in New World: Mastering the Skinning Skill Line

Feb 22, 2024, 09:10:23 PST | Categories : New World |

Greetings, fellow adventurers! Today, we dive into the lucrative world of gold-making in New World, focusing on the often-overlooked Skinning skill line. If you're looking to amass a treasure trove of gold, stay tuned as we explore three distinct methods to maximize your gains. Now, let's delve into the secrets of wealth hidden within the hides of Aeternum's creatures.

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For these methods, I'm fully equipped with a 700 gear score set of Skinning equipment, top-tier Skinning trophies, proficiency booster potions, 350 dexterity, and PvP flagged for that extra edge. Now, let's get to the gold-making strategies.


Method 1: The Dark Hide Harvest


The first method revolves around the coveted Dark Hide. The process is straightforward find a location abundant with skinnable mobs of the appropriate level (63 and above) and slaughter them mercilessly. Equip your best Skinning gear to maximize returns. The Alian Wilds are an excellent zone for this, with an abundance of suitable mobs.


In a 15-minute grind through Charizard's Pride, I accumulated a significant haul. Selling these hides on the trade post via sell orders yielded a substantial sum of 82,141 New World gold coins. Extrapolating this hourly, you can expect to rake in a whopping 32,896 gold. Keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg, as additional earnings come from aptitude crates and random gold drops.


Pro Tip: If Charizard's Pride is overcrowded or you wish to diversify your resources, consider alternative spots like the mammoths in the Lian Wilds or the Gators on the Isle of Zervan. The mammoths provide ample hides and the chance for Elite chests, while the Gators offer a scenic grind with a shortcut using the ice-skating emote.


Method 2: The Semi-AFK Thick Hide Farm


Our second method shifts focus to Thick Hide and introduces a semi-AFK approach. Head to Bees' Home in Restless Shores, where boars spawn with a two-minute cooldown. Skinning them yields Thick Hide, and the surrounding area is rich in star metal and Ironwood trees, boosting overall profits.


In a 30-minute session, I accumulated an impressive haul. Selling these resources on the trading post brought in 1,689.72 gold. Scaling this to an hourly rate, you can expect around 3,379 gold. The semi-AFK nature of this method allows you to multitask, maximizing efficiency. Additionally, you'll acquire mining, logging, and skinning aptitude crates during the process.


Pro Tip: Enhance boar kills by using a weapon with powerful area-of-effect abilities, coupled with tools like the ice pylon to streamline the process. This setup allows for quicker kills and efficient skinning, making the most of your semi-AFK strategy.


Method 3: The Raw Hide Rendezvous


For our third method, we target Raw Hide an excellent choice for lower-level players or those in servers where Raw Hide fetches a higher price. This method is less intensive than the Dark Hide approach, as the mobs are easier to defeat, allowing you to keep your Skinning gear on without frequent swaps.


Embark on a beachcombing adventure in Cutlass Keys, focusing on the coastline of the main island. Engage the Gators, completing laps to accumulate Raw Hide effortlessly. A 15-minute grind in this location yielded considerable loot, netting 667.95 gold upon selling the items via sell orders.


Pro Tip: Check your server's trade post prices to gauge the profitability of this method. Additionally, explore various beaches and locations to find the optimal spot for your Raw Hide farming.


Comparative Analysis and Market Prices


To aid your decision-making, let's compare the three methods side by side:


    Dark Hide Method: 32,896 gold per hour

    Semi-AFK Thick Hide Farm: 3,379 gold per hour

    Raw Hide Rendezvous: Variable, check your server's trade post


Here's a snapshot of the current market prices for the primary items used in these methods:


    Dark Hide: Check your server's prices

    Thick Hide: Check your server's prices

    Raw Hide: Check your server's prices


Conclusion and Community Interaction


Now that we've explored the ins and outs of these gold-making methods, it's time to hear from you. Which method aligns with your playstyle and server's economy? Share your experiences and insights in the comments. Additionally, if you have other favorite skinning spots, let the community know we're all in this together.


In conclusion, mastering the Skinning skill in New World can be a highly profitable endeavor. By choosing the right method based on your preferences and server economy, you can accumulate significant wealth while enjoying the thrill of exploration and combat. Happy hunting, and may your adventures in Aeternum be filled with prosperity!

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