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A Guide for Path of Exile Explorers

Feb 19, 2024, 11:05:18 PST | Categories : Path of Exile |

Delve, one of Path of Exile's unique out-of-map activities, has captivated players since its inception. This guide delves into the depths of Delve, offering valuable insights for those seeking to embark on their own profitable expeditions.

Path of Exile

Fueling Your Descent: Gathering Sulphite

Your journey begins with Voltaxic Sulphite, the fuel that propels you deeper into the darkness. You can acquire it through various means:

· Nico's Missions: Complete these quests offered by Nico, the Delve Master, for guaranteed Sulphite and potential rewards.

· Guilded Sulphite Scarabs: Use these within maps for a significant Sulphite boost. Consider the affordable "Gilded Scarabs" for a cost-effective approach.

· Atlas Passives: Invest in specific Atlas passives like "Mad Devotion" and "Sulphuric Infusion" for passive Sulphite generation.

Optimizing Your Ascent: Essential Atlas Passives

Remember, Atlas passives outside Delve don't affect your delve itself. However, maximizing map quantity with "Map Quantity" passives benefits Delve by increasing your visible area.

Navigating the Darkness: Delve Gameplay

Delve presents a unique "king of the hill" style of gameplay. Follow your cart through the darkness, sticking to the light to avoid invulnerable enemies. Prioritize reaching the end point and defeating monsters for rewards. Utilize your tools wisely:

· Flares: Illuminate areas for better navigation.

· Dynamite: Break walls and stun enemies, even bosses. Upgrade their damage or radius as needed.

Upgrading Your Delve Tools:

· Sulphite Capacity: Increase your storage capacity to delve longer without returning to maps.

· Darkness Resistance: Reduce damage taken in the darkness for smoother exploration.

· Light Radius: Expand your visible area, but be mindful of potential downsides with faster cart movement.

Treasures of the Depths: Rewarding Nodes

Keep an eye out for these lucrative nodes:

· Map Nodes: Yield sextants for map modification.

· Fossil Nodes: Contain valuable fossils for crafting.

· Resonator Boxes: Offer valuable resonators for fossil crafting.

· Cities: Hold rare maps, bosses, and unique rewards.

· Fractured Walls: Break them with Dynamite for potential high-value rewards.

Targeting Profits: Prioritizing Nodes

For maximum profit, prioritize:

· Resonators: Socket them with fossils for crafting or sell them directly to get POE Currency.

· Awakened Sextants: Enhance your maps for increased rewards.

· Boss Drops: These can be valuable, especially later in leagues.

· Fractured Items: These can sell for multiple divines, depending on the modifier.

Depth and Difficulty:

· 500+ Depth: Aim for this depth for the best balance of rewards and difficulty.

· Adapt and Explore: Don't push beyond your build's limits. Explore sideways for profits if necessary.

Delving Deeper: Advanced Tips

· Tier 3 Azurite Nodes: Sell unused Azurite to Nico for resonators.

· Fractured Fossil Types: Research the current market value of different fractured fossils.

· Boss Drops: Analyze the market value of unique boss drops based on the league.

Remember: Delve's profitability grows with time as the league progresses and the demand for crafting materials increases.


Delve offers a unique and rewarding experience for Path of Exile players. With the right knowledge and strategy, you can unearth valuable treasures and delve deeper into the darkness for riches beyond compare. Remember, exile, mind your flares, and I'll see you again soon!

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