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Blog > Guide Exploring the Ritual Mechanic in Path of Exile

Guide Exploring the Ritual Mechanic in Path of Exile

Jun 22, 2024, 09:29:30 PST | Categories : Path of Exile |

Today we're diving deep into the Ritual Mechanic in Path of Exile (PoE). Ritual was introduced as a mechanic in the Ritual League and has since become a staple feature in the game, offering unique rewards and challenges. In this guide, I'll be walking you through everything you need to know to make the most out of your Ritual encounters, from utilizing Ritual Scarabs to optimizing your Atlas Passive Tree.


Understanding Ritual Basics


Rituals are special events that occur within maps. They involve defeating waves of enemies within a confined circle called a Ritual Circle. Each enemy you defeat in a Ritual contributes a Tribute, a currency you can spend on various rewards at the end of the Ritual. The more enemies you defeat, the more Tribute you accumulate.


The Importance of Scarabs


Scarabs are consumable items that you can place in the Map Device to modify the maps you run. With the introduction of Ritual Scarabs, you can enhance your Ritual encounters significantly. There are three main types of Ritual Scarabs:


    • Ritual Vial Scarab: This scarab gives you more Tribute for Unique enemies slain.

    • Ritual Enchanted Scarab: This one provides free rerolls for the first time and extra rerolls.

    • Ritual Tribute Scarab: This scarab shows more items per page by increasing your Favor.


You can mix and match these scarabs to suit your playstyle. Personally, I prefer using a combination that feels balanced: one Ritual Vial Scarab, one Ritual Enchanted Scarab, and two Ritual Tribute Scarabs. This setup ensures I get a good amount of Tribute and plenty of opportunities to reroll for better items.


Utilizing Blood-Filled Vessels


Blood-Filled Vessels are another powerful tool for enhancing your Rituals. These vessels can be obtained by using Ritual Vessels during Ritual encounters. They store the essence of defeated enemies, which can then be used in future maps to increase the number of enemies and, consequently, the Tribute gained. This method effectively boosts your chances of getting better rewards.


Optimizing Your Atlas Passive Tree


The Atlas Passive Tree offers various nodes that can enhance your Ritual encounters. Some key nodes to pick include:


    • Guaranteed Ritual Spawn: Ensures that a Ritual encounter will spawn in your maps.

    • Reduced Tribute Cost: Lowers the cost of PoE items you want to purchase with Tribute.

    • Extra Rerolls: Provides additional rerolls, giving you more chances to find valuable items.

    • Chance to Get Blood-Filled Vessels: Increases the chance of getting a Blood-Filled Vessel upon completing a final Ritual.

    • Guaranteed Four Rituals: Ensures that each map will contain four Rituals.


Avoid nodes that introduce random cost fluctuations or prevent rerolling, as the primary goal is to reroll and get the most out of the items shown.


The Rewards: Why Rituals Are Worth It


The primary appeal of Rituals lies in their rewards. Rituals offer a wide range of unique and valuable items, including:


    • Synthesis Items: Rituals are one of the best sources for synthesis items, which can have powerful and unique modifiers.

    • Adorned and Fractured Jewels: These jewels offer specific modifiers that can greatly enhance your builds.

    • Percent Life and ES Magic Jewels: Vital for many endgame builds.

    • Omens: Special items that can alter the outcomes of certain situations in your favor.


Running Rituals Efficiently


To maximize your gains from Rituals, it's essential to run high-quantity maps efficiently. I typically run maps with 80+ quantities and do not apply additional modifications on the Map Device. This method allows for a steady accumulation of Tribute and ensures that I can defer high-value items if needed.


Example of a Ritual Run


Here's a typical scenario: I run a map with my preferred scarab setup. After clearing the map and encountering all the Rituals, I assess the rewards. Even without a Blood-Filled Vessel, you can expect to net around 7,000 to 10,000 Favor per map. This amount is usually sufficient to purchase several valuable items or defer them for future acquisition.


If you encounter bosses during your map, make sure to defeat them before initiating the Rituals. Bosses contribute significantly to the Tribute, increasing the quality of the rewards. Similarly, if you encounter Rogue Exiles, they also add value to the Rituals due to their unique nature.


Advanced Tips


    • Deferral Strategy: Always defer high-value items you can't afford immediately. Deferred items reappear in future Rituals at a reduced cost, making it easier to eventually purchase them.

    • Map Selection: Choose maps with favorable layouts and multiple bosses. Maps like City Square are historically good due to the presence of multiple bosses, which contribute more Tribute.

    • Blood-Filled Vessel Utilization: Use Blood-Filled Vessels on maps with bosses to maximize the Tribute gain. The more monsters you have in the Rituals, the better the rewards.


Potential Rewards and Example Loot


During my Ritual runs, I've come across various valuable items, including six-link items, synthesis bases, and even Divination Cards. For instance, a six-link item can be a significant upgrade or a valuable trade item. Synthesis items with desirable implicit modifiers can sell for a high price or be used to craft powerful gear.


Final Thoughts


Ritual is a fantastic mechanic that adds depth and excitement to Path of Exile. With the right setup, including the use of Ritual Scarabs and Blood-Filled Vessels, you can greatly enhance your farming efficiency and item acquisition. The key is to balance your scarab usage, optimize your Atlas Passive Tree, and make strategic decisions during each Ritual encounter.


If you're new to the Ritual Mechanic or looking to optimize your current strategy, I hope this guide has provided valuable insights. If you liked this article, please subscribe and follow P2Pah for more updates.

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