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Blog > Mastering Your Skills: A Guide to Upgrading in Throne and Liberty

Mastering Your Skills: A Guide to Upgrading in Throne and Liberty

Jan 05, 2024, 09:04:49 PST | Categories : Throne and Liberty |

Throne and Liberty's captivating combat awaits, but true mastery lies in honing your skills to razor sharpness. This guide delves into the intricacies of skill upgrading, setting you on a path to unleashing your full potential in Solisium.



Before the Upgrade:


Before diving into the upgrade interface, remember: to choose your weapon wisely. Upgrading applies exclusively to your chosen primary and secondary weapons. No regrets! Thankfully, I've got extensive guides on P2Pah site covering different builds and meta combinations, from DPS powerhouses to supportive healers. Check them out to find your perfect weapon pairing.


Upgrading Your Arsenal:


  • Knowledge is Power: Press "K" to summon the Skill Upgrade interface. Here, you'll find all your active and passive skills for both weapons. Remember, be cautious! Once upgraded, switching weapons means starting from scratch with a new set of skills.

  • Choosing Your Target: Select the active skill you wish to upgrade from the left-hand list. Click the glowing arrow to open the upgrade window.

  • Reaping the Rewards: Each upgrade level improves your chosen skill, often through increased damage, cooldown reduction, or even additional effects. Analyze the benefits carefully before investing in those precious upgrade materials.

  • Material Matters: Skill Mastery Books, acquired through various gameplay activities, fuel the upgrade process. Don't worry, there's no pay-to-win shenanigans here! I'll dedicate a special article on my channel to mastering these book acquisitions.

  • The Visual Feast: Throne and Liberty delivers stunning visuals, and even upgrade menus are no exception. Witness your skills' evolution with captivating animations and clear displays of their enhanced power.


Beyond the Basics:


  • Passive Powerhouses: Don't forget your passive skills! Located on the right side of the interface, these upgrades bolster your overall performance, from critical strike chance to movement speed. Prioritize the ones that complement your chosen build.

  • Skill Bar Symphony: Remember, you can only slot 12 active and 8 passive skills on your action bar. Choose wisely, creating a harmonious combination that reflects your combat style.

  • The Journey Continues: Skill upgrading is a continuous process throughout your Throne and Liberty adventure. As you encounter tougher challenges and acquire better materials, keep returning to this system to unleash your ever-evolving power.


Stay Tuned for More:


This is just a glimpse into the world of skill upgrades! More dedicated guides are on their way, covering everything from mastering specific weapon combinations to conquering end-game raids. Subscribe and follow me on the P2Pah site to stay ahead of the curve. When you buy Throne and Liberty Lucent through our website, you will get more discounts.


Join the Adventure:


Throne and Liberty's Korean servers may entice you to dive in early, but I recommend holding out for the Global release. That's when I'll be leading the charge, live-streaming adventures, and dispensing wisdom every step of the way.


By refining this content further and tailoring it to your specific needs, you can create an invaluable resource for aspiring heroes embarking on their Throne and Liberty journeys.

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