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Blog > Game Mechanics: Throne and Liberty Gear Upgrade Cheese Guide

Game Mechanics: Throne and Liberty Gear Upgrade Cheese Guide

Jan 20, 2024, 11:28:25 PST | Categories : Throne and Liberty |

Greetings, fellow adventurers! Today, P2Pah is back with another episode of the Bloody Point, and he's here to demonstrate a game mechanic exploit that could significantly speed up your gear upgrade process in Throne and Liberty. This method involves a clever manipulation of the current game mechanics, specifically focusing on contracts, bots, and a unique morph ability. P2Pah will guide us through the steps of upgrading your gear efficiently, providing valuable insights and tips along the way.

Understanding the Gear Upgrade Process:

Before we delve into the exploit, it's crucial to understand the conventional gear upgrade process in Throne and Liberty. Upgrading gear typically involves acquiring growth stones and Throne And Liberty Lucent to enhance your equipment. This can be a time-consuming endeavor, requiring dedicated effort and resources. However, P2Pah is here to introduce a method that exploits certain game mechanics, allowing you to achieve gear upgrades more quickly.

Exploiting Contracts for Efficiency:

P2Pah begins by showcasing the use of contracts, a feature in Throne and Liberty that provides players with specific tasks to complete in exchange for rewards. In this case, P2Pah is focusing on contracts that don't require combat engagement but rather involve harvesting or interacting with objects in a particular area. The goal is to find contracts that align with these non-combat objectives.

Key Points on Exploiting Contracts:

1. Refreshing Contracts: P2Pah demonstrates the strategy of refreshing contracts until you find ones that suit your objectives. This may involve harvesting resources, interacting with specific items, or fulfilling other non-combat requirements.

2. Choosing Suitable Rewards: An important consideration is selecting contracts with rewards that align with your needs. P2Pah emphasizes the preference for lithographs or spell books, but players can also opt for materials if needed for crafting.

3. Efficiency through Shared Objectives: P2Pah highlights the advantage of selecting contracts with shared objectives, where a single action counts toward multiple contract goals. This efficiency allows players to complete contracts faster.

Leveraging Bots for Tagging Mobs:

The second component of this exploit involves taking advantage of bots in the game. While bots can be detrimental to the overall game environment, P2Pah shows how to use them to your advantage. By tagging mobs that bots subsequently kill, players can efficiently complete kill-related contract objectives without actively engaging in combat.

Key Points on Leveraging Bots:

1. Tagging Mobs for Contract Credit: P2Pah explains that players only need to tag mobs (initiate combat with them) to receive credit for kill-related contract objectives. Bots will then handle the killing, saving players time and effort.

2. Efficient Contract Completion: By utilizing bots to handle the combat aspect of contracts, players can complete objectives much faster. This becomes particularly useful when dealing with contracts that involve killing a specific number of mobs.

Utilizing Morph Abilities for Stealth:

The third and final element of this exploit involves using morph abilities, specifically the Infiltrator mode. P2Pah demonstrates how this morph form allows players to move through hostile territories without aggroing mobs, making it easier to reach contract objectives without engaging in unnecessary combat.

Key Points on Using Morph Abilities:

1. Unlocking Morph Forms: Players need to unlock morph forms through side quests or the main story quest line. The Infiltrator mode, in this case, is used to bypass aggro from mobs.

2. Efficient Travel and Objective Completion: While in morph form, players can travel through hostile zones, reach contract objectives, and interact with items without aggroing mobs. This results in efficient completion of non-combat objectives.

Conclusion and Acknowledgment of Exploit:

P2Pah concludes the guide by acknowledging that this method is a form of "cheese" or exploiting the current game mechanics. He recognizes that using bots and certain morph abilities in this way may impact the game's economy and open-world events. However, he emphasizes that, for now, this strategy can significantly speed up the process of completing contracts and obtaining necessary resources for gear upgrades.

Final Showcase of Achievements:

In the closing segment, P2Pah showcases his achievements using this exploit. He displays a substantial number of armor and weapon upgrades, highlighting the effectiveness of the method in acquiring the needed resources for gear progression.


P2Pah's gear upgrade cheese guide provides players with an alternative approach to efficiently complete contracts and expedite the gear enhancement process in Throne and Liberty. While acknowledging the exploitative nature of this method, P2Pah offers valuable insights for those seeking a faster route to gear upgrades. As the game evolves, it's essential for players to stay informed about potential changes to these mechanics and adapt their strategies accordingly. Until then, may your adventures in Throne and Liberty be filled with successful exploits and epic gear enhancements!

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