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Blog > Mastering Throne and Liberty: Guide to PvP Mage-Healer Hybrid Build

Mastering Throne and Liberty: Guide to PvP Mage-Healer Hybrid Build

Feb 07, 2024, 09:09:34 PST | Categories : Throne and Liberty |

In the vast and dynamic world of Throne and Liberty, mastering the PvP aspect of the game is crucial for success. Whether engaging in small-scale skirmishes or large-scale battles, a well-optimized Mage-Healer hybrid build can make all the difference. In this guide, we'll delve into the essential skills, gear, and strategies to ensure you are a formidable force on the battlefield.


Skills Overview:


Before delving into the intricacies of gear, understanding the Mage-Healer hybrid's skills is essential. In the latest patches, several skills have been buffed, making the class more versatile and powerful.


1. Heavy Attack Focus: With the addition of a heavy attack from Aism, staying in one place for 3 seconds grants a 100% chance of a heavy attack. This feature significantly enhances your damage output.


2. Flame Condensation Fix: After accumulating 10 stacks of fire, there's a 100% additional heavy attack chance. While not ideal for PvP, it can still be effective in certain situations.


3. Forbidden Sanctuary Change: Now a damage boost skill, Forbidden Sanctuary becomes a valuable asset for hybrid playstyles. Decide whether you lean more towards healing or damage and adjust your strategy accordingly.


4. Instant Skills: Chain Lightning and Judgment serve as excellent instant damage skills. Avoid using Fireball in PvP due to its cast time and vulnerability.


5. Utility Skills: Frost Smoke Screen is crucial for evading attackers, Sleep can disrupt enemies' plans, and Ice Bound helps control the battlefield during party PvP.


6. Meteor: A controversial skill, Meteor can be useful in large-scale PvP for its area-of-effect damage. However, its casting time might make it less effective in smaller engagements.


7. Passive Skills: Prioritize defensive passives, including HP boosts, silence resistance, and mana regeneration. These passives are essential for survivability in the heat of battle.


Gear Selection:


Now that we understand the key skills, let's focus on assembling the ideal gear for a Mage-Healer hybrid.




• Prioritize a weapon with magic hit, magic crit, and magic heavy attack or cooldown speed.

• Consider weapons with unique effects, such as a shield that activates when health drops below 20%.




• Look for armor with wisdom, dexterity, and max health. Silence resistance is crucial for countering dagger-wielding opponents.

• Transcendental set provides a 25% boost to healing skills, enhancing your support capabilities.




• Bracelet with bind and silence resistance is a must-have for surviving encounters with daggers.

• Rings with attributes like range perception, wisdom, and max health contribute to your overall survivability.

• The belt should focus on bind resistance, silence resistance, and max health.




• Opt for a cloak with cooldown speed, magical critical hit, and mana regeneration.

• Traits should include max mana and skill damage resistance.


Strategies for PvP:


Mastering the Mage-Healer hybrid requires strategic gameplay. Here are some effective strategies to employ during PvP encounters:


1. Positioning: Stay behind your party, supporting them with heals and instant damage. Use tanks or dagger-wielding allies as frontline distractions.


2. Instant Damage Rotation: Alternate between healing and dealing instant damage based on the situation. Chain Lightning and Judgment are your primary sources of damage.


3. Target Priority: Focus on high-priority targets or disrupt enemies by freezing or sleeping them. Crowd control is essential in controlling the flow of battle.


4. Adaptability: Adjust your strategy based on the scale of PvP. In larger battles, AoE skills like Meteor may be effective, while smaller skirmishes may require more precise targeting.


5. Survivability: Use defensive skills like Frost Smoke Screen to escape attackers, and be mindful of silence resistance to counter dagger-wielding opponents.




Throne and Liberty's PvP environment offers a thrilling experience, and mastering the Mage-Healer hybrid can elevate your gameplay. By understanding the intricacies of skills, optimizing your gear, and employing strategic tactics, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield. Embrace the versatility of the Mage-Healer hybrid, and may your journeys in Throne and Liberty be filled with triumphs.

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