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Alliance Vanguard Reputation Guide for WotLK

May 29, 2023, 09:03:14 PST | Categories : WOW WoTLK Classic |

Get the most out of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King with the Alliance Vanguard reputation guide—an easy-to-follow guide to increasing rep and unlocking rewards!
When compared to the other possible factions, the reputation of the alliance vanguard is very distinct from that of the others. Just the "Honor Above All Else" quest grants you reputation with the alliance, and even then, it's only a little amount. You must join one of the four sub-factions in order to establish a good name for yourself at WoW Wotlk Classic. The reputation you get from these smaller factions counts toward your overall reputation, and half of it goes to the alliance vanguard.
To achieve exalted status in the Alliance Vanguard, you must achieve exalted status in any two of the four sub-factions first. Gaining renown for your faction by completing epic dungeons while decked up in its tabard is another possibility. It's possible to earn a reputation by completing standard dungeons, but the quantity you get is relatively small. The following are the means through which one may get a reputation across each of the four sub-factions.

After finishing the "Honor Above All Else" quest, you will be awarded 10 reputation points as a reward. Heroic dungeons are the only way to get any of the other types of reputation. The Alliance Vanguard and any of its sub-factions do not have access to tabards in any capacity. The following is a list of the four dungeons that may be completed without the use of a tabard. The most beneficial aspect of these dungeons is that even if you finish them on the lowest difficulty setting, you will still get a solid reputation for your efforts.
- Halls of Lightning: The Storm Mountains are home to the lightning-filled Halls of Lightning. This dungeon is best tackled between levels 77 and 80 when set to Normal difficulty.
- The Culling of Stratholme: In Tanaris's Caverns of Time, you may read about The Culling of Stratholme. If you want to tackle this dungeon on Normal difficulty, you need be between levels 78 and 80. To access Heroic Mode, you must be Level 80.
- The Oculus: In the heart of the Nexus lies the Oculus, a challenging five-man dungeon for high-level players. It's one of a kind since players get to take charge of different flying drakes that each have their own distinct missions to accomplish.
- Utgarde Pinnacle: The Utgarde Pinnacle is the second and last dungeon that can be found inside the Vrykul fortress of Utgarde Keep in Howling Fjord.

Valiance Expedition: Rid the World Of Affliction
The Valiance Expedition faction's headquarters are found in Borean Tundra, and there are no awards available for joining this group. Under the leadership of King Varian Wrynn, the troops of Northrend united to wage war against the scourge. This faction's goal is to rid the world of affliction.
These troops belonging to the alliance have leadership over the old thread. They have strongholds in a variety of locations, including Dragonblight and Howling Fjord, amongst others. More than two hundred and fifty different tasks may be completed for reputation in Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Howling Fjord, Icecrown, and Grizzly Hills.
It is recommended that you accept tasks for reputation from the Skybreaker airship if you are in the Icecrown zone. This aircraft also makes it possible to complete all of the daily missions associated with Icecrown. Detailed information on each quest may be found below.
- You have to find a way to get past the barricade in Howling Fjord.
- All of these tasks in Grizzly Hills pit the player against the player. You will be able to get the grizzled veteran award if you are successful in completing these objectives. These hills are home to nine different player-versus-player (PvP) missions, of which only a certain number are accessible each day.
- Obtain Icecrownreward by completing a series of player-versus-player tasks, including "Capture More Dispatches," "Blood of the Chosen," and "Assault by Ground," in addition to the daily player-versus-player quest "King of the Mountain."

Explorer's League: Stronghold and Administrative Center
The wailing fjord serves as the location of this faction's main stronghold and administrative center. You will be expected to have complete knowledge of the Dwarven race's ancestry if you want to join this faction. You will go on a journey in order to complete this objective, during which you will search for the lost relics of the titans.
These artifacts contain a significant amount of knowledge about the history of Azeroth as well as the people and culture of the world. The actual objective of this faction is to ensure that the Wotlk Classic is vanquished at whatever cost, even if doing so requires you to purchase the WotLK Classic Boost service. Ironforge serves as the location of this group's primary administrative center, which is supervised by King Magni.
You may accomplish the steel gate patrol daily quest in howling fjord, which is available in both storm peaks and howling fjord. Together, these two zones include more than thirty-six different missions for you to do.

The Frostborn: Ones Born in The Cold
Frosthold, in the Storm Peaks, is the location of this faction's headquarters, and they don't have any kind of quartermaster at all. Frostborn is the name given to the new faction of frost dwarves, who are also unique.
This faction's leader is known as Yorg Storm Heart, and they have their headquarters at Frosthold. The Frostborn are known for their icy might. Recently, this faction has banded up with other groups in an effort to take down the Lich King.
Fifteen missions are connected to this group, in addition to the "Pushed too far" objective that is completed once a day at Storm Peaks. Those who desire to improve their standing within this group are required to do all of the tasks that are located in Storm Peaks.

Silver Covenant: City of Dalaran
The city of Dalaran serves as this group's primary operating hub. This is the group of elves that are opposed to blood elves being allowed into the Kirin Tor. Vereesa Windrunner is the one in charge of them, and they have just become a part of the alliance to help battle and ultimately kill the lich king. They utilize Silver Covenant Guardian Mages to protect their territories and drive away any Horde players that get close to the Alliance region.

Final Thoughts
While there are a number of quests dispersed across Northrend that will reward reputation with the Alliance Vanguard, the best way to quickly gain reputation with this faction is to clear Heroic dungeons without a tabard equipped, as doing so will award a small amount of reputation for killing mobs and more reputation for killing bosses. Depending on the sort of creature you kill in the dungeons, you might get anywhere from 9 to 23 reputation for killing elites.

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