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Best DPS Class in WotLK Classic Phase 3

Jul 29, 2023, 08:32:53 PST | Categories : WOW WoTLK Classic |

Let's Discover the optimal ways to produce the highest damage output for your WotLK Classic Phase 3 character with the Best DPS Class guide.
With its familiar gameplay, WotLK Classic has reenergized the gaming community. Players are anxious to choose the most vigorous DPS class to succeed in raids and dungeons as Phase 3 develops. A thorough examination of the A, B, C, and S tier classes' strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance in Phase 3 of the WotLK Classic will be provided in this in-depth guide.

S Tier: The Best Workers
The S-Tier consists of classes that are the most effective and beneficial in the current meta. Due to their remarkable performance, recruiters often look for candidates with specific backgrounds.

The Death Knight
- Excellent burst and sustained damage potential because of unique mechanics like rune management and illnesses.
- A versatile class with the ability to perform numerous tasks, including melee DPS and tanking.
- Substantial raid usefulness is provided by boosts like Horn of Winter and adverse effects like Blood Plague.
- They are highly desired in raid compositions since they can adapt to different situations.
The Mage
- Unrivalled burst damage potential, especially against single targets.
- Has a broad range of crowd management skills, making them helpful in managing throngs.
- It offers practical utility spells, like fast-travel gateways and spells to summon food and drink.
- In prolonged battles, sustained damage could be less than for other classes.
The Warlock
- Has a strong potential for damage-over-time (DoT) with spells like Corruption and Immolate.
- Increases raid survivability via summons, health, and soul stones, providing essential utility.
- Carries a number of curses, including Curse of Elements, for enhanced magic damage to weaken opponents.
- Mobility restrictions and a lack of burst damage in comparison to other classes.
The Hunter
- Experts at doing harm from a distance with excellent agility.
- Excels in long-term damage output, making them dependable for prolonged battles.
- It provides valuable raid utility with Trueshot Aura and crowd control with traps and stuns.
- Compared to other top-tier classes, it does relatively less burst damage.

A Tier Classes: Consistent Performers
While not offering the highest possible damage output, strong DPS specializations in the A-Tier nevertheless do a lot of damage and are quite helpful.

The Rogue
- Excellent single-target DPS and burst damage masters.
- Possess excellent aggro management skills and provide helpful utility via stunned and rendered helpless.
- Lack of ranged attack power, focusing instead on positioning advantage for performance.
Balance Druid
- High burst damage potential with the option to convert to healing as needed.
- It contains helpful raid bonuses, including Innervate, which restores mana, and Battle Rez, which revives ally casualties.
- Compared to classes explicitly designed for DPS, sustained damage output could be constrained.
- It is best performed with cautious mana control.
Elemental Shaman
- Great burst damage potential when used with spells like Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt.
- It uses totems like Wrath of Air and Mana Spring Totem to provide useful raid utility.
- Limitations in sustained damage output are present, and scalability problems arise in prolonged battles.
Priest of Shadow
- It offers robust and sustained damage and the capacity to heal in an emergency.
- Abilities like Vampiric Embrace, which heals and dispels the group, provide great raid usefulness.
- Compared to other DPS classes, it has a reduced potential for burst damage.
- It relies on quick mana recovery, which has the ability to cause long-lasting harm.

B Tier Classes: Respectable Contributors
Average damage is dealt with by focusing on the B-Tier. However, compared to A-tier specialities, their damage output must be improved to keep them in the game. Despite the fact that they may not have as much raw damage, their utility typically more than makes up for this and makes them worth carrying.

Retribution Paladin
- Abilities like Crusader Strike and Seal of Command combine burst and sustained damage.
- It brings usefulness via auras and blessings that are advantageous to the raiding party.
- Has less flexibility and lower total damage output than other melee classes.
- Heavily depends on equipment and cooldowns for best performance.
Enhancement Shaman
- It provides valuable utility via the Windfury Totem and melee burst damage.
- It shows limits in total DPS output and runs into scaling problems as gear advancement rises.
- It is most effective when totems and cooldowns are managed carefully.
Fury Warrior
- Possesses the ability to do significant, sustained damage when dual-wielding.
- Brings powerful raid usefulness with yells like Commanding Shout and Battle Shout.
- Weapons and hit ratings may be essential for the best performance when it comes to gear.
- Cooperation with tanks is necessary to maintain threat and generate fury.
Feral Druid
- It provides flexibility by allowing for both melee DPS and tanking roles.
- Use skills like Leader of the Pack and Faerie Fire to provide beneficial raid utility.
- Scaling difficulties limit the player, particularly in prolonged battles.
- Attaining ideal DPS requires precise energy management and posture.

C Tier Classes: Limited Impact
The C-tier specialities Tiers aren't very powerful in terms of DPS. Despite their flaws, they can still be played, sometimes provide useful buffs and debuffs, and are nearly always entertaining.

Beast Mastery Hunter
- It utilizes pet skills and boosts to provide usefulness in the pet-based gameplay it emphasizes.
- It compares well to other hunter specialities but has lower total DPS.
- It has little potential for burst damage and may struggle in battles involving many targets.
- Beyond pet-related skills, the raid's usefulness is limited.
Elemental Mage
- It focuses on generating damage using elemental spells.
- DPS is lower overall than with other mage specialities.
- It is mana-intensive and has little burst damage potential.
- Raid usefulness is limited to crowd control only.
Arms Warrior
- It uses a two-handed weapon exclusively for sustained DPS and burst damage.
- Compared to other melee classes, it shows limits in total damage output.
- Compared to other warrior specialities, raid usefulness is quite limited.
- For best results, it requires careful anger control.
Subtlety Rogue
- It focuses on sneaky, precise attacks that provide burst damage.
- Compared to other rogue specialities, it shows limits in sustained damage output.
- It mostly depends on positioning advantage for best performance.
- Beyond crowd management and single-target damage, raid usefulness is limited.

Final Thoughts
The most effective DPS class in WotLK Classic Phase 3 is determined by a variety of elements, including damage output, utility, survivability, and adaptability. The S-tier classes, such as Death Knight, Mage, Warlock, and Hunter, provide outstanding performance and valuable raid usefulness. Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest, Balance Druid, Rogue, and other A-tier classes all constantly contribute with their advantages. P2Pah share Best DPS Class guide and Cheapest WoTLK Classic Gold, hope you like it.

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