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Wrath of the Lich King Classic Dungeon Leveling Guide

Dec 16, 2022, 08:38:12 PST | Categories : WOW WoTLK Classic |

Wrath of the Lich King Classic was published on September 26th, and gamers can now return to the Northrend region. To level up their character, they will have to undergo all of the grindings from the beginning. Leveling takes some time, but not anymore because of our leveling guide. There are two methods for leveling up in wotlk classic. This guide includes a thorough guide to leveling up entirely through Dungeons.

Dungeon Leveling Guide for WOTLK Classic
1.Level 70-73
It's time to start leveling up, and you should begin with the Mana tomb dungeon. It will give you over a million experience points in one hour. Before dealing with the second monster for the first time, you must reset him here by casting icebound fortitude. After that, avoid the boss and proceed to the hallway and the room adjacent to it.
The second boss will be automatically reset. Continue until you reach level 72 or 73. You can fight each mob here on your own. A typical mana tomb dungeon takes only fifteen minutes to complete, allowing you to complete it multiple times in one hour. Run out of the last door to end the dungeon.
2.Level 76
After the mana tombs, the sethekk halls dungeon is the next stop. Here, you can gain about 800,000 experience points in just one hour of grinding. You can choose this dungeon at level seventy, but packs are very difficult here, so the best option is to wait until level seventy-three. One of the most fearing and dangerous mobs in the Sethekk Halls Dungeon is the Time Lost Controller mob.
To take control of your hero, the time-lost controller mob uses a totem. Killing it should be your priority. After this, the oracle mob is also dangerous due to its chain of lightning.
This effect will stun your character for three seconds. In this pack, all enemies have abilities to block your psetulent attack and other attacks, so finish it off. The talon lord enemy from the prophet mob in the Sethekk Halls mob also stuns your character for three seconds.
Sthekk Halls is a simple dungeon as long as you deal with the harder enemies early on. To complete the dungeon, you must defeat the final boss. If the boss is too powerful, simply log out to reset the hole. You can continue to kill monsters in the Sethekk Halls dungeon till level 76. After reaching level 76, you will need to choose a new dungeon because these monsters will not grant experience points.
3.Level 77-80
After level 77, return to Dalaran for the cold weather flying. Go to Icecrown once you've mastered flying. There is an open-world farm here, which is much easier than the Ahn'kahet. By killing enemies for an hour, you will easily gain over 800,000 experience points. You should play as unholy to gain the most profit. Unholy gives both effects and corpse explosion.
There is a big monster with a banner that you should kill first. Begin with diseases and progress to death and decay skills to deal damage. These are AOE assaults that you can utilize in combination with the death strike ability to restore some of your lost health. After you've finished the mob, don't forget to unleash the corpse explosion. Repeat for all available mobs. The glyph of decay, glyph of death, and glyph of disease are some of the best glyphs for this dungeon.
To keep yourself on target, use the disease glyph. Both death and decay are great damage-dealing glyphs. This dungeon is quite large in terms of size, and you can deal with a single group of enemies in under a minute.

Best Dungeons for Leveling
1.Utgarde Keep – Utgrade Keep is the best dungeon for levels 68 to level 71.
2.The Nexus – This is the next dungeon for levels 71 to level 72.
3.Ajzol-Nerub – Ajzol-Nerub is the best location as it offers AOE, so grinding here for experience points till level seventy-five is beneficial.
4.Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom – This dungeon is similar to the Ajzol-Nerub dungeon, and they both offer good experience points. There is no restriction in this dungeon, so you can proceed at your pace.
5.Drak'Tharon Keep – Drak'Tharon should be on your dungeon leveling list, and it works best for levels 75 to level 76.
6.Violet Hold – Violet Hold comes in handy in purchasing the flying after you reach level 77.
7.The Culling of Stratholme – The Culling of Stratholme offers thousands of experience points, and you should opt for it for leveling till level seventy-eight. This is not normal, but some players have also crossed the level eighty mark at Culling of Stratholme dungeon.

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