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Lost Ark Gold Guide: How to Get Gold Quickly

Jan 07, 2023, 08:47:00 PST | Categories : Lost Ark |

Lost Ark is a vast MMORPG, and you need Lost Ark gold to survive here. It is an important currency, and this makes it hard for players to get it. They need to grind a lot in Lost Ark to get enough gold to meet all their needs. This guide features some ways to get gold quickly.

How to Get Gold Quickly?
There are many methods to earn gold in Lost Ark, and here are some of the best ways that are tried by pro gamers. With these methods, you can earn enough gold to make it to the end.

1. Sell Items On The Marketplace
Many players misunderstand this tip in the sense that they have to become a master broker in Lost Ark. This is totally wrong as anyone can sell free items on the marketplace and earn some gold. For this purpose, you don’t have to do anything else except for checking the marketplace for the prices of any items that you want to sell. If the price is high, you should sell them to earn a good profit. You can invest by purchasing items when their prices are low and then sell them again when the price is high. Items are purchased and sold by other players in the marketplace, so there will always be something for you.

2. Improve Relation With NPCs
Building relationships with non-playing characters is called Rapport in Lost Ark. This is beneficial because some of your friends will provide you with gold from time to time. This gold won’t be that much, but it’s free, so there is no problem. After the new update, things have changed for the rapport system, as you will have to wait for three days before you can use these gold coins. Here is the list of some NPCs that you should focus on befriending, along with the amount of gold that each NPC will give you.
-Thirain will give you five hundred gold coins
-Neria will give you six hundred gold coins
-Ealyn will give you one thousand gold coins
-Avele will give you fourteen hundred gold coins
-Sasha will give you thirty-five hundred gold coins

3. Do Dungeons And Raids
Challenges are an important part of any action-focused MMORPG, and the same thing goes for Lost Ark. Raids and dungeons are similar to the quests system of other games, and you can earn a good amount of Lost Ark gold by doing them. The best thing about completing raids is that you will earn a hefty amount of gold when you complete any guardian raid for the very first time. Something goes on for dungeons as well. Try to complete a dungeon or two on a daily basis. When it comes to choosing between dungeons, chaos dungeons are the best. You can unlock these dungeons at level fifty, and they have a gear score requirement of two hundred and fifty. When doing these dungeons, you will find various items along with gold bars. There is a secret room in each dungeon that is filled with treasure. You will have to some extra efforts to find the secret room, but it’s worth spending your time on finding it.

4. Finish Weekly And Daily Challenges
When you are dealing with the endgame, this gold-making method comes in handy. After you hit character level fifty, you can unlock tasks of Una. Consider these the Lost Ark version of weekly and daily challenges. When you complete these tasks, you will receive a currency called the tokens of Una. You can later convert these tokens to gold. By completing these tasks, you can earn thousands of gold coins daily and become a rich player in no time.

5. Do Gateway Maps
Gateway maps are similar to voyage missions, and they are interconnected to help players enjoy the co-op section of Lost Ark. For players who want to get their hands on a good amount of gold, gateway maps are a great way. You need a partner to complete these maps, so check out for new maps and complete them as soon as possible for gold.

6. Collect Masterpieces
There are collectibles in Lost Ark that you can collect and sell for gold coins. Moreover, when you collect a specific number of collectibles, you will receive a specific number of gold coins. Some of the most common collections for masterpieces are Sea Bounties, Island Token collections, Adventurer’s Tome, etc. There is a separate true collection that is very difficult to complete, but you will receive twenty-nine thousand gold coins for completing it. Below is the amount of gold coins that you will receive for hitting the mark of collectibles.
-Collect twenty masterpieces to earn three thousand coins
-Collect thirty masterpieces to earn five thousand coins
-Collect thirty-four masterpieces to earn eight thousand coins
-Collect thirty-eight masterpieces to earn thirteen thousand coins

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