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Lost Ark Endgame Guide Best Things to Do After Getting Level 50

Feb 06, 2023, 08:36:39 PST | Categories : Lost Ark |

Using this guide, you can exploit the full potential of Lost Ark as it relates to the activities available to you after achieving level 50. You will learn comprehensive methods and helpful hints that will assist you in becoming a better player.
Reaching level 50 is a significant achievement in Lost Ark since it opens up the game's more difficult endgame material. It's not the highest possible level; that's 60, but at this point, levelling up is mostly irrelevant. Your focus has shifted to improving your equipment and its associated statistics. Once you hit level 50 in Lost Ark, you'll have access to a plethora of options for enhancing both your combat and exploration skills.
Fortunately, once you understand how it works, you will be surprised by how easy it is. Although there is an overwhelming amount of information to explore, you need just devote initial attention to a select few tasks to kick off your endgame adventure.
In order to gain a high level of achievement in Lost Ark, it is essential to focus on the following things first:

The Guardian Raids: If you like Monster Hunter, you may also enjoy Guardian Raids. Two of these may be performed every day, and each involves a quest for an invisible boss with no visible health. This is an enjoyable experience you do not want to miss out on, as it may have some practical benefits for you later in your game life.
Do World Quests: It doesn't matter how immersed you are in the plot; until you reach Vern castle, you should spend the majority of your attention on completing World Quests. This region opens up more of the game for you, and you may now begin engaging in endgame activities and achieving objectives, both of which contribute to the process of levelling up.
Chaos Dungeons: Your best option going into the last round. The Chaos Dungeons game pits you against swarms of foes over the course of three waves, each of which builds up to a final boss fight. This is an activity that can be done twice a day, but if you skip a day the following day, you may run four Chaos Dungeons instead.
Do Guide Quests: The majority of Guide Quests won't take long to do, and when you do, you'll be rewarded with a wide variety of helpful supplies. Completing Guide Quests will also unlock additional game content, such as the Stronghold or Trade Skills, which will make the game even more enjoyable.
Abyss Dungeons: Upon reaching a certain level in World Quests, you will be given the option to accept the task To Ancient Elveria. After you have completed the challenge, you will have access to the Abyss Dungeon challenge, which is an intensive week-long experience. While there are more challenges than ever before, the benefits are more than worth the hard work put into the task. Coordination is essential, so it's best to throw the party with individuals you already know or who are at least amenable to talking to one another.
Una's Tasks: You should complete your three daily missions and your weekly tasks from Una's Tasks before engaging in any more activities in the endgame level of Lost Ark. Choose freely from the options provided; nevertheless, it is recommended that you get as many as possible each day.
Get your item level to 460 using Gear Honing: While completing World Quests, you will ultimately visit Rohendel, which is inaccessible until you attain an item level of 460. This requires you to visit a town merchant and spend Harmony Shards, Fragments, and Leap Stones refining your equipment. If you engage in the aforementioned actions, you will be able to acquire these resources and equip yourself with Gear Horning to take on the RNG.
Islands and Procyon's Compass Activities: The Field Bosses, Ghost Ship, Chaos Gates, and Adventure Islands may all be accessed using your Procyon's Compass, which can be found just below the mini-map. Because of the limited-time nature of these events, you should check for upcoming ones whenever you log in or after completing your daily tasks. Islands accessible by ship provide a wealth of resources for levelling up.
Get your Awakening skill: Always be on the lookout for the mission Thirst for Power, which may be picked up in the prologue when you're exploring the area surrounding Vern. Playing the Song of Trixion, found in your Sheet Music library, will complete the mission and return you to that world. As you go through this storyline, you'll earn a level 50 talent and get access to your Awakening ability. It's best to get a head start on this as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts
The list above represents all the features you will have access to when you reach level 50 in Lost Ark. The story is not complete, though, as there is still a great deal to explore in terms of the narrative. So, when you've completed your regular daily and weekly activities, you may go back to that and get the Lost Ark gold rewards. When you complete the content in the Shushire zone, you will get a full set of level 302 items.  In addition, you need to reach this point before using your Power pass in order to level a secondary character. This is because the Power pass will automatically finish the Roster objectives but will only award you a portion of the prizes if you accomplish it before Shushire ends.

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