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Lost Ark: All Rethramis Hidden Story Locations

Apr 08, 2023, 08:42:01 PST | Categories : Lost Ark |

Discover the Adventure Tome Secret Story Places scattered around Rethramis. In Lost Ark, take a look at the map to learn the whereabouts of the many areas included inside this region.
Although you may be aware of the basic plot of Lost Ark and its central tragedy involving Armen, you may not be aware that the narrative continues. Such snippets of history, known as "Secret Tales," abound in, and they may be unearthed by exploring the game's Arkesia. After you've unlocked it in Rethramis, your Adventurer's Tome will include secret tales. As you hover over a Hidden Story, a little tale excerpt appears, providing hints as to where in the story the Hidden Story is hidden.
Here's a complete list of every Hidden Story in Rethramis, in case you need some direction in your search.

Lost Ark Rethramis: Sunflowers For My Love
Investigate the home door along Prideholme's map's route to the two farms for your first clue. Searching the sunflowers shows that the elderly guy believes his wife would have delighted to view these blooms if she wasn't so "lazy". This narrative ends in the sunflower garden near the home that leads to Prideholme farms. It says the guy is proud of his sunflowers. It'll be a sunny day so that you can go around the flowers too." This suggests that the older adult's wife is dead, potentially for a long period. He planted sunflowers in her remembrance and talked to her as if she were alive.
Lost Ark Rethramis: The Cursed Grave Keeper
Northwest of the Regria Monastery Triport is where you'll discover the Graveyard. In this location, there is a group of seven graves that are being watched after by several gravediggers. Rudric's message, in which he vowed revenge against the priests, will be found in the graves are searched. Some players may be aware that the world boss Rudric may be found in the Graveyard. This is hardly surprising, given that he spent his whole life looking for ways to avoid dying. Despite being put to death for his heretical beliefs, it seems he was successful.
Lost Ark Rethramis: Burnt With Love
A man who fled the Rethramis Border was concerned that his "feeble wife" would not have made it past the robbers. But, when questioned about his wife, the guy abruptly walked away. If you go to the region to the northwest of the entrance to Ankumo Mountain, you'll find yourself in Rethramis Border, where the secret tale takes place. You may find useful information in the rubble of a burning building "burnt out shell of what could have been a frog. A melting ring is dangling around its little neck.
Lost Ark Rethramis: The Truth Of A Drunk
A drunken fragment of conversation says, "Have you heard about the gems buried in some ruins in Ankumo Mountain?" This secret narrative then continues. Your search for wealth in the Old Cathedral Ruins of Ankumo Mountain will end in vain if you follow this clue. The treasure is not hidden under the greenery to the top left of the ruins, near several pillars. Find a letter that reads, "All in all, the trip was fun. The children also found it to be quite entertaining. But then we met a demon.
Lost Ark Rethramis: Past Of Varut
This Hidden Tale from the Adventurer's Tome explains that the young explorers exploring Prideholme Cathedral have uncovered a fascinating fact about Varut's history. At the far rear of Prideholme Church, behind where Father Varut is standing, you'll discover a privacy screen with a message that says, "This is the day I tell her how I feel about her. I'm going to seminary if she doesn't want me. And I refuse to look at her ever again."
Lost Ark Rethramis: Korumba's Cat
This hidden story may be found in Prideholme, which can be found on the farm field at the westernmost part of the bottom of the map. That's little more than the height of a secret Mokoko seed. To the left of the farmhouse is a tombstone that, upon interaction, reveals to be Nero Korumba's brother's last resting place. "A little cat visited this tomb and left its paw print. "That's not us sobbing; it's you.
Lost Ark Rethramis: A Knight In Shining Armor
Bekka and her "hero in shining armor followings a three-part adventure are disturbing. In Adventurer's Tome, Bekka recalls an excellent instructor. "He's perfect." At Loghill, north of the Traveler's Nook Triport, a message from Bekka's instructor is buried under a pile of rope near a wooden fence. Bekka's message says the knight has concluded his Loghill duty. He adds, "I intended to bring you some little flowers, but I couldn't." Bekka is told to meet him beneath a maple tree at Ankumo Mountain.
Another message is concealed amid the woods on the left side of Ankumo Mountain's entrance. The message says, "I'm envisioning you while I write my second letter to you." "You were 10 when I left, so you must be a mature woman now." Hmm. It's not so innocent anymore. The knight says he's going to aid injured troops at "the frontier" to end this letter.
The story's conclusion is hidden in the Makeshift Infirmary in Rethramis Border's western corner. Bekka finally realised her "ideal instructor" was a middle-aged, pot-bellied balding guy, as described from her viewpoint. With a spouse. A sad but appropriate ending to a tale about an unethical connection between a young girl and her instructor.

Final Thoughts
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