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Blog > Lost Ark: 10 Systems With Shared Progress Across Your Entire Roster

Lost Ark: 10 Systems With Shared Progress Across Your Entire Roster

Mar 20, 2023, 09:34:54 PST | Categories : Lost Ark |

Let's take a look at the things that will carry over between your primary character and any alternate characters you choose to play with while you're playing Lost Ark.
The Roster system in Lost Ark is fantastic since it allows you to share much of the progress you accomplish on your primary character with your alts. You won't have to spend time doing the same large grinds over and over again because of this. Alternatively, you may easily and quickly reap the benefits of your efforts on new characters and see the game from a fresh class's viewpoint. It's crucial to establish that your Roster is server-bound, as opposed to account-bound, before delving into which systems apply to the whole Roster. That is to say, any character you create on a separate server will not benefit from the shared progress of your Roster.

1.Lost Ark: Virtues
Since most Rapports have minimum requirements for a particular level of a certain virtue or virtues before you can begin establishing your connection with them, acquiring and maintaining virtues is crucial for character development. Nevertheless, the four qualities (Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness) are shared throughout the whole cast, so there's no need to spend time honing them on individual characters.
2.Lost Ark: Collectibles
Roster-wide collectibles are one of the best examples of actual endgame material. This implies that all of the items you may acquire in the game, such as Island Souls, Mokoko Seeds, Ignea Tokens, World Tree Leaves, and more, count towards your overall total in the roster. You need not worry about leaving your main character behind if you choose to leave an alt on an island only for the purpose of collecting its soul. If nothing else, at least you won't have to start from scratch.
3.Lost Ark: Rapports
Relax; winning over a Rapport's affection only requires your best effort once. There is simply one catch: you can only cash in on your Rapports' benefits once (not once per character). You may also save up presents for a single Rapport from several sources (such as chests) and then dump them all into one Rapport, which is a nice feature of Rapport advancement.
4.Lost Ark: Currencies
The majority of your currencies may be used by anybody on your team, including silver and lost ark gold, whose total values can be seen on the undersides of your bags. Although certain currencies are only used in specific games, such as Pirate Coins and Stones of Providence, the vast majority of currencies are used across the board (those things you use to buy rapport gift chests). It's worth noting that there are other currencies outside those tied to your roster, and those are shards
5.Lost Ark: Stronghold
It's a relief to know that your Stronghold affects everyone on the team. One should not snooze on the importance of their Stronghold since it provides access to a wide variety of systems. You can read more about how to use this fantastic feature here, but keep in mind that you won't be able to use Stronghold's improvements until you unlock it for each of your new characters. After learning the first song ("Song of Escape"), you get access to the sheet music tab and are then able to learn the second song ("Song of Hearth and Home").
6.Lost Ark: Life Skills
Lost Ark, like every respectable massively multiplayer online role-playing game, has a robust professional system. Foraging, Logging, Mining, Hunting, Fishing, and Digging are all examples of Life Skills that you may improve throughout your whole roster. The greatest part is that the gear you use and the resources you farm out with one character also transfer to your other characters, regardless of their level.
7.Lost Ark: Sheet Music, Cards, And Emotes
These three systems have their own tab, so although they share similarities with other collectibles, they stand out from the crowd in a little but significant way. Remember to use the cards you want whenever you create a new character since they apply to the whole cast. Keep an eye out for tasks throughout the main plot that allows you to utilize emotes with certain NPCs; these emotes may not be available to you the first time you encounter them, but they certainly will be the second, third, and fourth times you do so.
8.Lost Ark: Adventurer’s Tome
Complete every aspect of your Adventurer's Tome to get prizes at every 10% milestone. This includes completing all of the Vistas, Hidden Tales, Special Monsters, etc. Each Rapport's prizes, including these, are limited to a single claim per roster, regardless of the number of characters on that roster. Even if you have cleared all the dungeons in a certain zone, it doesn't imply you can't do them again; most of the stuff in this massive tome can be done more than once.
9.Lost Ark: Cosmetics
Your whole Roster may use Pets, Mounts, and Titles that they have unlocked. Although your pets and titles become available to you instantly upon creating a new character, your horses are a different matter. But have no fear; one of the first tasks you get in this charming village is "Town Where Light Lingers," which can be obtained from Brother Alfael in Prideholme.
10.Lost Ark: Ships
Your ships are your primary mode of transportation throughout Lost Ark's oceans. Everything pertaining to it, of course, applies to the whole team. Therefore, once you've unlocked a ship skin, sail, or crew member, they'll remain with your roster permanently. As one of your ships reaches the following tier, that improvement is reflected throughout the whole roster. Nevertheless, much as with the old system, you will only be able to utilize your spacecraft once you've progressed far enough in the main narrative mission to unlock it.

Final Thoughts
The Lost Ark 10 systems with shared progress across your entire roster provide a great way for players to keep up with the action and build their armies more effectively. With this system, players can track their progress and see how their armies are growing, helping them to make more informed decisions when it comes to battle.

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