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Blog > WoW Classic SoD Phase 2: Unveiling Power at Level 40

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2: Unveiling Power at Level 40

Feb 15, 2024, 09:06:32 PST | Categories : WOW Classic SoD |

As World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery progresses, anticipation builds for the upcoming Phase 2. The new Goman raid, the chaotic STV PVP event, and a plethora of new runes promise exciting content. In this article, however, we shift our focus to the impact of leveling up to 40 on various classes. Beyond the speculation of future runes, we delve into the current runes, abilities, and talents that will significantly enhance each class.


Warlock: Hellfire Unleashed


For Warlocks, the journey to level 40 brings a significant power boost, especially for those who have embraced the demonology tanking role. One noticeable improvement is the introduction of Hellfire, learned at level 32. Hellfire channels over 15 seconds, causing fire damage to the Warlock and all nearby targets. Combining this with the intensity talent in the destruction tree provides 70% spell knockback avoidance. Adding a Concentration Aura on the Alliance side or an equivalent on the Horde side grants spell knockback immunity. By maintaining Earth Shield, Warlocks can channel Hellfire without interruptions, dealing substantial area-of-effect (AOE) damage. The Pyroclasm talent further enhances Hellfire, introducing a chance to stun enemies during its channel. With the bonus of current runes, this setup becomes a potent tool for dungeons.


Mage: Unleashing Arcane Fury


Mages, already adept at AoE pulls, will reach new heights at level 40. With talents like Regeneration, Living Flame, and Living Bomb, Mages can pull over 100 mobs and face-tank them while healing through damage. Phase 2 dungeons like Razorfen Kraul, Scarlet Monastery, Alderman, and parts of Raz the Fen Downs provide ample opportunities to test these newfound abilities. Additionally, the potential for WoW Classic SoD Gold moneymaking in Zul'Farrak, despite potential changes from Season of Mastery, remains enticing. Mages might find new ways to push the boundaries of their playstyle at level 40.


Priest: Shadow Weaving Unleashed


Shadow Priests, hoping for improved scaling and mana efficiency, find a power spike between levels 25 and 40. Talents like Shadow Weaving, Darkness, and Shadowform significantly enhance their damage output. However, striking the right balance for PvE and PvP poses a challenge. The addition of Mind Control at level 30 opens up possibilities for unique raid interactions. As the new raid, Naxxramas, approaches, priests might discover innovative uses for Mind Control against humanoid mobs.


Druid: Star Surge Brilliance


Druids, at level 40, gain access to talents that enhance their spellcasting abilities. Star Surge becomes a formidable nuke with Moon Fury, Vengeance, and Improved Starfire talents. The combination of these talents allows Druids to cast a powerful, instant-cast nuke with a chance to stun. Additionally, Dire Bear Form and Innervate enhance their versatility. The potential for unique burst windows with Ancestral Guidance and chain heals in raids adds another layer to Druid's gameplay.


Rogue: Prowess in PvP and PvE


Rogues, with access to Safe Fall, Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot, and Blind at level 40, become formidable opponents in PvP. Their toolkit expands significantly, allowing for more strategic engagements. Rogues might face challenges in dungeons with increased stun mechanics, but Free Action Potions provide a solution. As they progress into later dungeons and raid tiers, Rogue tanks need to adapt to the prevalence of stuns and mitigate damage effectively. The versatility of blade flurry and adrenaline rush ensures that combat remains a viable specialization.


Hunter: Beast Mastery Dominance


Hunters, despite ongoing nerfs, find opportunities for dominance in Season of Discovery Phase 2. Beast Mastery offers a powerful toolkit with a new pet, the Gorilla Elder Misil, possessing Thunderstomp. Marksmanship, with abilities scaling with weapon damage, becomes a viable choice. The upcoming talents at level 40, including Bestial Wrath, provide a substantial damage boost. Hunters, whether focusing on Beast Mastery or Marksmanship, are poised for impressive performances.


Shaman: Elemental Fury Unleashed


Shamans experience a surge in power as they approach level 40. Elemental talents like Eye of the Storm, Lightning Mastery, and Elemental Mastery elevate their spellcasting capabilities. Deep Wound interactions contribute to Warriors' effectiveness in dungeons like Blackfathom Deeps. Enhance Shamans anticipate the arrival of Windfury Weapon, providing a chance for two extra attacks. The addition of Chain Heal, working in conjunction with Overload procs, introduces exciting burst potential. The versatility of Shaman's abilities and the potential for innovative strategies make them a class to watch in Phase 2.


Paladin: Illuminating the Holy Path


Holy Paladins, often considered weaker healers, look to level 40 for a significant power boost. Illumination, a talent acquired at this level ensures that spell crits restore all spent mana. While Beacon of Light duplicates healing, the introduction of a rune actively doing healing, like Divine Radiance, could elevate Holy Paladins to new heights. Holy Shock remains underwhelming, but a potential rune could reshape its capabilities. Tank Paladins face a dilemma whether to adopt a traditional approach with mitigation or embrace a DPS-oriented playstyle with Righteous Fury.


Warrior: Titan's Grip Speculation


Warriors, reaching level 40, confront intriguing possibilities. A potential data-mined Titan's Grip talent raises questions about dual-wielding two-handed weapons. While this is purely speculative, the ramifications of such a talent on Warrior gameplay could be immense. Deep Wound interactions and the use of specific weapons may reshape the Warrior meta. Arms Warriors, particularly those relying on bleed effects, could emerge as formidable contenders in both PvE and PvP.




As World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery progresses to Phase 2, each class approaches level 40 with anticipation. The known abilities, talents, and current runes promise a substantial power increase for every class. Whether it's the Warlock's Hellfire, the Mage's arcane prowess, the Shaman's Elemental Fury, or the Paladin's potential healing improvements, players can expect diverse and exciting experiences. As the community eagerly awaits the unveiling of new runes, the current class dynamics set the stage for an engaging and dynamic Phase 2 in the world of Azeroth.

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