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WoW Classic Season of Discovery: Guide to Gold Farming

Feb 22, 2024, 09:20:25 PST | Categories : WOW Classic SoD |

Welcome back, fellow adventurers, to another exciting season in the world of Azeroth! As we delve into the Season of Discovery in WoW Classic, the anticipation for Phase 2 is palpable. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, having a substantial amount of gold can make a significant difference in your gaming experience. In this article, we'll explore some of the best gold farming opportunities in Season of Discovery, ensuring you're well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery


AOE Farm on Dragonmaw Raiders:


Our journey begins with an AOE farm on the Dragonmaw Raiders, located around level 27. These mobs drop green and blue BoE items perfect for Phase 1, fetching a considerable amount of gold in the market. Ideal for classes with AOE capabilities, especially Mages, this farm not only yields BoE items but also provides a bountiful harvest of silk and wool. The versatility of loot makes this farm a lucrative option to build your WoW Classic SoD gold reserves before Phase 2.


Dark Iron Ordinance Farm:


For those seeking steady gold, the Dark Iron Ordinance Farm is a noteworthy choice. With mobs reaching level 30 and above, forming a raid group becomes essential. The primary income source is the Dark Iron Ordinance, in high demand for purchasing runes in Season of Discovery. As this item remains sought after, participating in this farm guarantees a steady stream of gold, contributing to your financial success.


Iridescent Pearl Farm:


Venture into the realm of clams when you reach level 20-plus for a chance at iridescent pearls. These pearls are crucial for crafting top-tier items, eventually leading to epic gear pieces in the BFD raid. The high demand for these pearls ensures quick sales, making this farm not only profitable but also an efficient way to level from 20 to 25.


Spider's Silk Farm in Duskwood:


Duskwood unveils another treasure trove with its Spider's Silk Farm. Apart from the steady gold income from spider silk, the mobs drop valuable blue and green BoE items, catering to the gear needs of players entering Phase 2. Whether you aim to craft the best gear or stock up on valuable materials, this farm is a reliable option.


RFK (Razorfen Kraul) Farm:


Dive into the depths of Razorfen Kraul for an opportunity to solo or duo farm. The abundance of blue BoE items makes this farm worthwhile for both Phase 1 and the initial stages of Phase 2. With skinning, additional gold can be earned by collecting leather from the mobs. Hunters, in particular, can excel in soloing this farm, making it a versatile option for various classes.


Cyclops Farm for Silk Cloth:


Embark on a silk cloth gathering adventure in Thousand Needles by targeting the Cyclop's mobs. The mobs, around level 25, drop silk cloth, with the chance to acquire rare blue BoE items. AOE classes can optimize their kills per hour by rounding up mobs and using AOE abilities. The heavy demand for silk cloth in crafting makes this farm a consistent source of gold.


Alliance Silk Farm in Wetlands:


Cross over to Wetlands for an Alliance-exclusive silk farm. These ships harbor mobs dropping silk cloth, blue BoE items, and green BoE items that cater perfectly to Phase 1 demand. The rapid respawn of mobs ensures efficient farming, making it an ideal choice for Alliance players seeking gold opportunities.


Tender Crocolisk Meat Farm:


Returning to Wetlands, the Tender Crocolisk Meat Farm emerges as a lucrative venture. The meat obtained is a key ingredient for crafting consumable food that offers powerful buffs, making it highly sought after in Phase 1. With the right gear and skills, this farm promises a consistent income stream.


Skinning Farm in Wetlands:


Explore the Wetlands Raptors for a skinning farm that offers various pieces of leather and hides. AOE classes, especially mages, can capitalize on the mobs' melee attacks to execute significant AOE pulls. The addition of mining or herbalism enhances the overall gold income, making this farm a multifaceted opportunity.


Tiny Crimson Whelpling Farm:


Uncover the treasures of the Tiny Crimson Whelpling by farming the mobs in Wetlands. The coveted pet item, Tiny Crimson Whelpling, fetches a high price in the market. Skinning adds an extra layer of gold with hides and leather. This farm stands out as an excellent choice for both pet enthusiasts and gold seekers.


Heavy Stone and Elemental Earth Farm:


Thousand Needles hosts a farm featuring mobs around levels 28 to 29. Engaging in this farm yields gold from heavy stone and elemental earth, supplemented by valuable BoE items suitable for Phase 1. The efficient drops and decent gold income make this farm a valuable addition to your gold-making ventures.


Fishing Farms:


a. Raw Sagefish Farm:

Delve into the tranquil world of fishing with the Raw Sagefish Farm. Sagefish, when cooked into consumables, commands a good price in the market. The laid-back nature of fishing, combined with the potential for watertight trunks and valuable BoE items, makes this farm an enjoyable and profitable experience.


b. Deviate Fish Farm:

Embark on an adventure in the Barrens, where Deviate Fish reign supreme. The coveted Deviate Fish transforms into Savory Deviate Delight, offering a whimsical pirate or ninja transformation. The enduring popularity of this consumable ensures a consistent gold income, making it an excellent long-term fishing farm.


c. Mithril-Bound Trunks Farm:

Navigate the waters of Stranglethorn Vale for Mithril-Bound Trunks. These trunks contain various materials, potions, and BoE items, providing a well-rounded source of income. Explore the floating wreckages along the coastline to maximize your gains.


d. Big Iron Fishing Pole Farm:

For those seeking a unique fishing experience, the Big Iron Fishing Pole Farm offers a chance to obtain a valuable fishing rod. While the mobs are higher level and may require caution, the potential gold income from selling this sought-after item makes the effort worthwhile.


Naga Farm for Iridescent Pearls and Fish Oils:


Embark on a high-level Naga farm, targeting iridescent pearls and fish oils. The mobs drop BoE items suitable for Phase 1, contributing to a steady gold income. Classes with sufficient gear or hunters can tackle the higher-level mobs efficiently, making this farm a profitable endeavor.


NOS Hyperspawn in Hillsbrad Foothills:


Unleash the potential of NOS hyperspawn in Hillsbrad Foothills, where mobs around level 27 respawn rapidly. BoE items and silk cloth are abundant, offering a consistent source of gold. Keep an eye out for chest spawns to enhance your earnings further, making this farm an efficient gold-making option.


Jurassic Raptor Farm in Wetlands:


Embark on a Jurassic Raptor farm in Wetlands, keeping a vigilant watch for a rare spawn. The rare spawn has a chance to drop the lucrative Jurassic Raptor pet, fetching a high price in the market. Engaging in this farm not only offers the potential for a valuable pet but also yields steady gold income from normal mobs.


Ogres Farm in Duskwood:


Conclude your gold-making journey with the Ogres Farm in Duskwood. The mobs drop a plethora of valuable BoE items, raw gold, and skinnable hides. Whether you choose to AOE farm or focus on single-target kills, this farm stands as one of the best BoE farms in the game, offering substantial gold rewards.




As we prepare for the upcoming challenges in Phase 2 of WoW Classic Season of Discovery, mastering the art of gold farming is crucial. Each of these farms provides a unique opportunity to accumulate wealth, catering to various playstyles and preferences. Whether you're a solo adventurer or part of a raid group, these gold-making ventures will ensure you enter Phase 2 with a substantial financial advantage. Good luck, fellow adventurers, and may your coffers overflow with gold in the Season of Discovery!

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