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A Complete Guide to Darkmoon Faire in WoW WotLK Classic

Mar 20, 2023, 09:11:13 PST | Categories : WOW WoTLK Classic |

This guide will walk you through all you need to know to have a successful experience at a Darkmoon Faire, including when and where to attend as well as what to anticipate.
While playing WoTLK Classic at the Darkmoon Faire, Players may marvel at unusual wares from all around Azeroth and beyond. While Silas Darkmoon and his mysterious staff spend much of their time in uncharted territories, the Faire sometimes makes pit stops in Mulgore and Elwynn Forest. A number of barkers will make appearances in Orgrimmar and Ironforge while the Faire is in the area to spread the word.
Darkmoon Faire of WoTLK Classic is not at all like the Retail version of the monthly fair it has become over the years, despite the fact that you will see some familiar faces there. The Darkmoon Faire occurs once a month. The first Friday of the month is when preparations begin, and by the following Monday, you may begin using it. It shifts between Mulgore (at coordinates 38,39) and Elwynn Forest (42,70 coordinates).

WoW WotLK Classic: Darkmoon Faire Locations
The Darkmoon Faire will take place in each of these three areas in alternating years. It is never put up in more than one location during a single month.
Terokkar Forest
When it is active, the Darkmoon Faire may be found in Terokkar Forest, which is located immediately to the southeast of Shattrath City. When coming out of any of the two eastern city exit tunnels, travelers may take a route that leads south out of Shattrath, which is considered to be rather secure. Around way 34.0 34.0 is where the center of the Faire is located.
Darkmoon Faire does not take any responsibility for customers who get intoxicated while traveling to or from its venue; rather, customers are responsible for any associated risks.
The location of the Darkmoon Faire in Mulgore is to the southwest of Thunder Bluff, which is a safe distance from any Horde guards. The center of the fair may be found anywhere about 37.0 and 38.0.
Elwynn Forest
If you go to the Darkmoon Faire in Elwynn Forest, you'll find it set up close to Goldshire, right south of the road that runs east to west. Visitors from the Horde who are attending the Darkmoon Faire in Elwynn Forest are advised to exercise extreme care on the northern fringe of the event due to its proximity to Goldshire and the ill-tempered Alliance guards who patrol there. Approximately 42.0 and 70.0 is where the center of the Faire may be found.

WotLK Classic: As Horde Way to Elwynn Forest Darkmoon Faire
If you're ready to make an overland journey in a zone that goes up to level 30, you may quickly and easily reach the Elwynn Forest Darkmoon Faire venue as Horde. Except for a little camp in Duskwood, it manages to evade almost all Alliance patrols.
- Fly to Grom'gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale from the zeppelin platform in Ogrimmar or Undercity.
- If you don't already have a flying point, after you arrive in Grom'gol, go northeast out of camp and turn left at the T. Follow this route north until you reach Duskwood.
- Keep a watch out for a small Alliance guard encampment on the right side of the road just north of the east-west road intersection as you go north on the route. As soon as you notice it, turn west to escape this camp. Cross the field that separates Twilight Grove and Raven Hill Cemetery and walk north, avoiding the road.
- Follow this passageway northward until you reach the river (ideally, you want to be around 30,24 in Duskwood). It's time to ford the river and enter Elwynn Forest.
- Keep the farm (Maclure Vineyards) on your right as you go north. The grounds of the Darkmoon Faire are just south of Goldshire, and you'll soon be able to view them.

WotLK Classic: As Alliance Ways to Mulgore Darkmoon Faire
The Alliance's path to Mulgore isn't without danger, but diligent travelers shouldn't run across too many Horde guards. There are two paths that may be taken: one is quicker and better suited for characters with higher levels, while the other is longer but safer for those with lower ones.
Shorter but Riskier
If your character has a flying point to Menethil Harbor in The Wetlands, then you may proceed. If you don't, you'll have a long and arduous journey via Dun Morogh, Loch Modan, and the Wetlands.
- It's recommended for characters level 40 and over since the roads in Dustwallow Marsh are dangerous, and the mob levels are greater.
- Theramore may be reached by flying to Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands and then taking a boat.
- Follow the route as it travels north, west, south, then west again from Theramore into the Barrens through Dustwallow Marsh.
- When you first approach the Barrens, go west, then take the first northbound fork in the road. You'll know you're close because you'll be able to see Camp Taurajo in the distance. Make a sharp right turn toward the mountains when you see it, and you'll be able to cut south of Camp T and join the road leading west.
- In Mulgore, drive west until you reach a little dirt road leading north close to the east of a pond (this route avoids Bloodhoof Village and mostly avoids a guard that can wander this road, although you will need to keep an eye out for him).
- To continue heading north, keep the pond on your left and circle back to the road. The fairgrounds of Darkmoon will be accessible by this route.
Longer but Safer
Use your already flying points to skip steps if you have them. The following course of action presumes that you do not currently have any flight routes in place.
- Use your best judgment to go to Stormwind City, and once there, head out of town and towards Elwynn Forest. To go to Goldshire, which is in the east, you must run south.
- Escape into the Redridge Mountains by heading east via Elwynn Forest.
- Make a quick right at Redridge's first intersection and sprint south into Duskwood.
- Keep going south until you reach a curve in Darkshire and go west. Once you get to the junction just south of Twilight Grove, take a left and go south to enter Stranglethorn Vale.
- You can get to Ratchet by taking the boat from the northwest docks in Booty Bay, which you may reach by traveling south down the length of Stranglethorn Vale.
- After arriving at Ratchet (where you should pick up the aforementioned flying point), go west in the direction of the Crossroads. When you reach the intersection where you can see the Crossroads, turn south instead of continuing southwest.
- As you get closer, you'll see the road that leads west into Camp Taurajo. It is best to travel around Camp T to the north and then take up the road west into Mulgore on the opposite side.
- Just to the east of the pond, if you go west towards Mulgore, you'll come upon a little dirt road leading north (this route avoids Bloodhoof Village and mostly avoids a guard that can wander this road, although you will need to keep an eye out for him).
- Stay with the pond on your left and circle back to the road heading north. Following this will get you inside the Darkmoon Faire without any trouble.

Final Thoughts
There are no accomplishments, and other than the decks, there is nothing else that is particularly important for characters that have reached level 80. In spite of this, the Darkmoon Faire is a pillar of the World of Warcraft universe and a beloved destination for a significant number of the game's players each and every month. And thank you for reading this post on, best offers provide the cheapest WotLK Classic Gold for you, hope you love us.

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