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Blog > A Quick and Easy Guide to Three New Dungeons in WotLK Classic

A Quick and Easy Guide to Three New Dungeons in WotLK Classic

Apr 14, 2023, 08:10:14 PST | Categories : WOW WoTLK Classic |

To explore this straightforward and detailed guide, you can learn all there is to know about the three new dungeons in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. WoW WotLK Classic is the most recent expansion for World of Warcraft, and it includes three new dungeons for players to explore. These dungeons are called Utgarde Keep, The Nexus, and Azjol-Nerub.
All of these dungeons can be found in Northrend and provide a significant challenge for players who have reached level 80. In this streamlined guide, we will provide you with a high-level overview of each dungeon so that you may get a head start on organizing your runs in Wotlk Classic.

1.WoW New Dungeons: Azjol-Nerub Dungeon
If you're looking for a level 80 dungeon in Northrend, go no further than Azjol-Nerub. Anub'arak, Hadronox, and Krik'thir the Gatewatcher are the three bosses you'll face in this dungeon. We'll go through each boss in great depth and offer you some pointers on how to take them down in this guide. Okay, let's begin!
-Anub'arak Boss
When exploring Azjol-Nerub, this is the first boss you'll face. Located in the Lower Spire, he is a top-tier Nerubian. Anub'arak's primary attacks are called "Burrow" and "Impale." Using Burrow, Anub'arak may go safely beneath, where he is protected from any dangers that could surface. By using Impale, Anub'arak hurls a spike at his foe, slowing their mobility and doing damage. It would be best if you kept moving while battling Anub'arak to avoid being impaled by his attacks. You should also prioritize eliminating his minions since they may be used to heal him if allowed to stay alive.
-To the Top, Hadronox
He lives in the upper reaches of the Spire and is a spider of the highest caliber. Hadronox's major moves are Acid Cloud, Leech Poison, and Web Wrap. Hadronox's victim gets engulfed in a toxic cloud as it takes damage over time via Acid Cloud. Hadronox's Leech Poison causes the victim to lose health according to the amount of damage done to him. Webbing encases the target of Hadronox's Web Wrap, stunning them for 5 seconds. Because of his Leech Poison ability, Hadronox must be kited about throughout battle. You should also prioritize eliminating his minions since they may be used to heal him if allowed to stay alive.
-Crik'thir Leader
He is a high-ranking Nerubian resident of the city's Upper Spire. Two of Krik'thir's most extraordinary powers are Mind Flay and the Curse of Fatigue. Mind Flay slows down Krik'thir's target and does damage over time. The victim of Krik'thir's Curse of Fatigue moves and attacks at reduced speed. Kiting Krik'thir across the battlefield will prevent him from using his Mind Flay ability on you. You should also prioritize eliminating his minions since they may be used to heal him if allowed to stay alive.

2.WoW New Dungeons: Utgarde Keep Dungeon
The Utgarde Keep in the Howling Fjord is a dungeon for levels 60–62. It's where the vrykul, a race of giants, call home. Once housing political prisoners and criminals, the keep is now under Lich King's control. Everything you need to know about Utgarde Keep, from its enemies to its treasure to its missions, is detailed here.
-Boss Prince Keleseth
In the Utgarde Keep, Prince Keleseth is the first boss that you have to face. He's a vampire that can do damage with volleys of shadow bolts and ice novas. In addition, he can reanimate vrykul that have already died to battle on his behalf. Interrupting Prince Keleseth's shadow bolt volleys and frost novas is essential to defeating him. Kill the vrykul he brings back to life fast before they may overwhelm you. This dungeon is easier to navigate with a Feral Tank Druid.
-Skarvald the Constructor Boss
After defeating Dalronn, the Controller, you'll face Skarvald, the Constructor, as the second boss. Tanks will need to find alternative ways to keep Skarvald's attention, as he is resistant to taunt effects. He has a powerful swing on his hammer, so medics should be ready to respond quickly. The spirits that Dalronn calls out must be immediately destroyed. Druids and Paladins may be useful in this battle since they can stun the ghosts. It's also crucial to prevent Skarvald from using his Hamstring ability. It would be best if you went on to the next boss after Skarvald and Dalronn have been defeated.
-The Plunderer Boss, Ingvar
Thirdly, there is Ingvar the Plunderer. He has a high hit-point count and significant damage output from cleave and smashes. Because of his enragement timer, the team must eliminate him before he becomes too dangerous. The goal is, once again, to disrupt his talents. Furthermore, he will call forth phantom advertisements that need immediate attention. Killing Ingvar will complete your conquest of Utgarde Keep.

3.WoW New Dungeons: The Nexus Dungeon
Those who go to the furthest reaches of Northrend will find the 5-player dungeon known as The Nexus. Some of the world's greatest magi, imprisoned by Malygos, the aspect of magic, call this place home. This dungeon, known as the Nexus, has five very powerful bosses. We will tell you more about these bosses in this section so that you will be able to defeat them and win the game for yourself.
-This is the Boss Anomalus
It's the first major antagonist that players will face in The Nexus. He is a creature of energy with the power to rein in the magic's wild energies. Because Anomalus is impervious to all forms of magic, players will need to rely on physical harm to defeat him. Be wary of Anomalus's strong shockwave strike, which may push back players.
-The Leader of the Tree-Forming Species, Ormorok
He's a huge tree monster that attacks with his strong roots and limbs. In order to defeat Ormorok, players will need to rely on magical attacks due to the fact that he is impervious to any and all physical harm. Keep your distance from Ormorok since his stomp strike is so strong it might knock you back.
-Supreme Leader of the Magi, Telestra
Three different magical creatures were merged with her human body, making her a powerful wizard. Players will need to rely on magical damage to defeat Grand Magus Telestra since she is resistant to all forms of physical harm. Keep your distance from Grand Magus Telestra; he possesses a strong fireball strike that may push back players.
-Boss of Keristrasza
She is a dragon that Anomalus has captured and imprisoned. Because Keristrasza can't be hurt by spells, the players will have to rely on brute force to defeat her. Keep your distance since Keristrasza's tail whip strike is very strong and may push back players.
-The Bossy Lord Ahune
He's a huge ice elemental whose goal is to wipe out every living creature in Azeroth. Since Lord Ahune can't be hurt by normal means, using magic is the only option for defeating him. Keep your distance from Lord Ahune because his devastating ice shards strike, which may push back players.

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