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Lost Ark Biggest Update for New Players

Mar 06, 2023, 08:22:37 PST | Categories : Lost Ark |

Experience the world of Lost Ark like never before with the latest and greatest upgrade, tailored just for new players. Gain access to powerful new skills, and join the fight! On November 16, we received the latest patch notes for the news of the release of Lost Ark Reaper. Many of the modifications detailed in the patch notes are aimed at making it easier for new players to get into Lost Ark and go through to the finish of the game.
There was quite a bit of controversy surrounding the launch last year of Amazon Games' free-to-play online MMORPG New World, but the launch of Amazon Games' free-to-play MMORPG Lost Ark has been an enormous success. Amazon Games' Lost Ark, a 2019 Korean MMORPG smash, was released in the West early this year, and it has since dominated the Steam sales rankings.
Lost Ark often receives large upgrades to explore that include new features and gameplay components for its fans to enjoy:

Lost Ark: Honing Item Level
The introductory honing success rate for level-12 to level-15 Item Level-1302 equipment has been raised to 30%. Because a boost of 30% is so substantial, you'll have a considerably easier time improving your skills. Most athletes are familiar with the discomfort of practice. As a beginner player, it may take a long time to raise your final honing from 14 or 13 to 15, so this update will be a massive boon to you and your alts. Furthermore, these alterations will remain unabated forever. This is why it's crucial for newcomers to the game.

Lost Ark: Big Raids and Dungeons
Argos Abyss Raid: The Argos Abyss Raid is the starting point when discussing significant raids. You will perform an action of level 1370 or above. There are three gates at the Argos. The first gate is at 1370, the second at 1385, and the third at 1400.
For Lost Ark, this is a key piece of information that the level requirement for the first gate of Argos has been lowered to 1370, making it equivalent to the second and third gates. The difficulty level has also been changed as a result of these changes. This means it's excellent for beginners just getting their feet wet in the game.
- Abyssal Dungeons: Oreha Preveza's suggested Item Level and Level required to matchmake into the dungeon have been dropped from 1340 to 1325, making it on par with the first Abyssal Dungeon, Aira's Oculus. To put it another way, your age of 1325 would be enough to defeat both of them. Which means it's excellent.

Lost Ark: Procyon's Safeguard
Another new feature this time around is Procyon's Protection, often known as rock protection, which is designed to make learning Legion Raids easier for novice players. With this shield, you'll take 20% less damage from enemies while doing 10% more damage to them. Procyon's Protection is awarded to those players on the Roster who have completed the appropriate Legion Raid a total of ten times or less.
After a player has cleared all gates 11 times and is entering the Legion Raid UI, Procyon's Protection is no longer displayed. The Lost ark item level cap for using Procyon's Protection buff is 1460, which is what is required to complete Vykas Hard.
For novice players, this perk is crucial since it speeds up the process of learning parties. They will be somewhat more durable, and their damage output will increase. Furthermore, after you've completed a gate 11 times, the boost will expire. That's a significant chunk of time to learn the raid and become used to it. In terms of new people entering the community and the game, this is one of the nicest things lost ark has done.

Lost Ark: Quest and Mokoko Challenge
One of the most notable changes is the addition of new quests and Mokoko challenges. The mokoko bonus used to last until you reached Level 1370, but it has since been changed. With its aid, you may increase your damage output while reducing your own vulnerability. To help you get the hang of the game this is only a small, soft net that is meant to help you get the hang of it.
The Level cap for accepting the Mokoko Challenge or benefiting from the Mokoko Buff has been raised to 1415 with this release. The bonus given to new players has been modified: Damage dealt to monsters was boosted by 20% below 1370, while damage taken was reduced by the same amount. Damage dealt to monsters rose by 10% between 1370 and 1415, while damage taken decreased by 25%.

Lost Ark: Some Other General Updates
- The Growth Support Effect has had its value boosted from 1370 all the way up to 1415 so that it may better assist new players in catching up to their T3end-game pals.
- The gifts from Thronespire at level 22 (Legendary Engraving Selection Chest) and level 25 (Lv. 3 Gem Box) now have requirements for the item level in order to open them. These requirements are 1445 and 1460, respectively.
- It is now required that the player's item level be at least 1445 in order to purchase the "Legendary Class Custom Engraving Recipe Chest" from the seller, who can be located on Anguished Isle.
- There is now a choice to report any correspondence that you get from other players.
- There are now a maximum of 24 playable characters, up from the previous maximum of 18 characters.
- AFK kick has been disabled for the time being.

Final Thoughts
The Lost Ark Biggest Update is a fantastic addition to the game and a great starting point for newcomers. The updated features in the game have been designed for players of all skill levels, items and how to get Lost ark gold, so players of all skill levels can enjoy many hours of entertainment. The Lost Ark Biggest Update is certain to provide players of all experience levels with a memorable adventure.

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